Sun Country warns of shutdown

  • Article by: LIZ FEDOR , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 2, 2008 - 9:38 PM

Airline leaders say they expect to survive a cash crisis but warned of layoffs or a shutdown as early as Dec. 1 to comply with a 60-day notification law.

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eostbyOct. 2, 08 4:36 PM

Since I don't expect Sun Country to honor my Thanksgiving travel arrangements, I am going to buy a fully refundable ticket on a different airline. I hope SC can survive, but given our economic problems and unavailable credit I don't want to count on it.

BudweisercsOct. 2, 08 4:39 PM

Someone call Warren Buffet, would be a great buy, sounds like the employees are the best you could have to make things work.

ronaschOct. 2, 08 4:40 PM

Why don't they raise fares to cover expenses. I would gladly pay a premium to fly Sun country because the flights are direct, the staff professional, the planes are well kept. I currently avoid air travel because the service is horrible, the planes are filthy. I feel like a steer being shipped to slaughter on Northwest

decembersueOct. 2, 08 4:42 PM

they smell blood in the water.

fremantle1Oct. 2, 08 4:44 PM

So the credit card companies don't release payments to SC until after the flight occurs? They charge your credit card account immediately and expect payment from the customer. Those of us that purchase tickets a month in advance expected those funds to go to the airline. More Wall Street creative accounting at the expense of small business and the consumer.

zeus101Oct. 2, 08 4:47 PM

Saw that coming.

swschradOct. 2, 08 4:51 PM

eostby's post indicates what is likely to happen to the revenue seats on Sun Country in light of this weeks' several news items. they're going to have a tail-off in business. and in this climate, a tail off in business is going to be about as useful as a tail off an airplane.

JopatoOct. 2, 08 4:53 PM

I wondered about that too! .. I use them for any and all air travel and their prices are always the best .. but adding a little more wouldn't cause me to shop elsewhere , as most agree , NWA "the new DELTA" .. just doesn't compare . I guess SW can't get here soon enough .. I sure hope Sun Country can hang in there. We need them.

MarkYountOct. 2, 08 4:54 PM

A week problem, we're profitable the last two months and going into the busy travel season. We're hauling everything from VP candidates to freight....we're cool....and then, OOPS! we need everyone to work for half have no money and we WERE going to ask Tommy for some dough...and may need to shutdown...can you spell I-N-C-O-M-P-E-T-A-N-T? Give these long suffering employees a cold cheeseburger, say THANKS, and send them home. It's OVER

hopwongOct. 2, 08 4:55 PM

After that horrible flight experience I had with you people to Las Vegas and flight was so bumpy and scary that a lady yelled jesus name in middle of flight, please go!! You a cheap airline still in the 80's, your seats hard as brick, ugliest oldest flight attendents, and you made me lift the no fly embargo on NWA/Delta. Please leave and never come back. Southwest Airlines is here and the Humphrey terminal will be theirs along with airtran and alaska air now. BYE SUN COUNTRY and don't let door hit you!!


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