RNC anarchists had friends in 'peaceful' protest groups

  • Article by: KATHERINE KERSTEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 28, 2008 - 1:30 PM
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tog2000Sep. 27, 08 9:59 PM

Thune has no shame. But, those wonderful "Twin Cities" get exactly what they deserve and continue to vote into office.

bryanwk9Sep. 27, 0810:52 PM

The organizers that allied with the anarchist groups did a dis-service to their followers by inviting trouble into the marches. Many people planed on a peaceful march and instead found themselves in the middle of troublemakers. Police had to maintain the law and innocent people paid the price. The organizers should have been upfront with their followers and let them know what was going to happen. I feel for the protesters that were there to lawfully make their voice heard. I respect the officers for doing a great job under hard conditions that kept changing places. For those who felt that unlawful protests should be allowed, they were wrong.

don50Sep. 27, 0811:26 PM

The new Obama administration will appoint judges that will allow this type of violence and keep the police from doing their jobs. Lets enjoy the peace while we can.

rspauldingSep. 28, 0812:41 AM

The person who sees black and white where everyone else sees shades of meaning is either a prophet or a quack. Katherine Kersten is no prophet. Nothing here will help a community come to terms with the good and bad that all sides brought to the convention. In letting Kersten - or mindless ideologues of any stripe - blather on about deeply painful community events, the StarTribune does a tremendous disservice to St. Paul, and its readers.

pstewarrtSep. 28, 08 1:14 AM

So Kersten...I didn't see you at the Sept 1 demonstration so you don't know what you're talking about. I was at the Capitol at 11am, walked the approved route at 1:30pm under the guidance of the "Committee to Stop the War" who were helping direct the demonstators. Committee members wore shirts to ID themselves and also kept demonstrators away from ST Police to avoid conflict. It was peaceful for myself and 10,00 others and over by 3pm. As I headed away from the Capitol I shook hands with two ST Police offices and one State Trooper to thank them for their work on this event. Trouble started in some areas and got worse later but don't paint the Committe to Stop the War with the same brush as the "Welcoming Committee". Once again you resort to your tactics of guilt by association without providing all the facts.

buzzman0755Sep. 28, 08 2:55 AM

99 percent of those protesting were protesting peacefully. Name me a place where there isn't a few rotten eggs? Bob Fletcher's Goon Squads over reacted and behaved more like brainless, Gestapo stomping Storm Troopers than Police. The people who truely protested did it in a respectable, meaningful way. And these protestors weren't lawbreakers, they had a Legal permit to protest. Perhaps you've never heard of the first or fifth amendment, look it up sometime. Innocent peaceful people who had the right to protest were maced, gassed, shot at with rubber bullets and repeatly hit with nightsticks, I ask you where is the justice in that? Our rights were violated when the Police when beyond serve and protect to beat and subdo by any and all means possible. The peaceful protesters weren't the criminals and there laids the rub, we were treated has such. Don't try to make good out of something bad that happened to the peaceful protesters who were just excersizing their rights. And has for Bob Fletcher (for being such an poor example) he should be immediately fired and brought up on criminal charges for rights violations. Remember the Sunday night pre-raids on people who might protest? I am ashamed of the poor behavior and reaction of the St. Paul Police force. They gave Minnesota a blackeye to the national media, now we are seen has a military state.

tbot2000Sep. 28, 08 6:06 AM

...too bad everyone in America wasn't a white, god fearing Christian that just bought all the lies being told to us by the current administration...

james03Sep. 28, 08 7:00 AM

and raging on Katherine for reporting the news. Sorry libs, there are other perspectives to life than just yours. Katherine Kersten does a service to those of us that dont absorb the pulp and tripe that liberals would have us believe as the truth, and tells the conservative view of the story.

forgetyouSep. 28, 08 7:29 AM

Wait a minute, what does being liberal or not have anything to do with criticizing a ridiculously weak argument? KK is saying that we shouldn't necessarily expect to have our personal freedoms and rights respected by our government and that police shouldn't necessarily be asked to sort out "bad" protesters from "good ones." Maybe if hundreds of conservative protesters and bystanders were pepper-sprayed and rounded up en masse outside a conservative event she would have no problem with that either.

forgetyouSep. 28, 08 7:39 AM

That's great. You resort to name-calling when you have NO ARGUMENT. As usual. The facts were that hundreds of people were ROUNDED UP and arrested, many of them because they were WEARING BLACK.


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