Norm Coleman: Has fraud in Iraq gone unchallenged? No.

  • Article by: NORM COLEMAN
  • Updated: September 28, 2008 - 8:57 AM

No. The issue went through the proper channels as my bipartisan committee did needed work. Ignore Franken's fit.

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meade55Sep. 28, 08 9:14 AM

He says Al Franken is in attack mode? Norm has (along with the chamber of commerce) run the most negative campaign I have ever seen. He never even mentions Halliburton in this letter. Send this scumbag back to Brooklyn where he belongs.

meade55Sep. 28, 08 9:15 AM

He says Al Franken is in attack mode? Norm has (along with the chamber of commerce) run the most negative campaign I have ever seen. He never even mentions Halliburton in this letter. Send this scumbag back to Brooklyn where he belongs.

arbanseSep. 28, 08 9:55 AM

So, let's look at Coleman's ridiculous rebuttal. According to him, with its limited staff and budget, the PSI's scope and power is broad enough to go after Medicare cheats, abusive credit practices (does he really want to take credit for his ability to, uh, stop abusive credit practices? yikes...)and save the country from nuclear annihilation, but not enough to look into the billions of dollars (source: Inspector General of the D. O. D.) that have gone unaccounted for in Iraq. Furthermore, he says it's not his fault because Carl Levine didn't look into it either. WTF? My seven-year-old has come up with better reasons for not doing his homework.

whattaxesSep. 28, 0811:11 AM

Franken is doing what he does best -- diverting the issue. When we have a chance at a real debate someone needs to make Franken tell us why he thinks it's okay to rip off the federal government .. . . . .the same government he is asking to be a part of.

jhm47Sep. 28, 0811:13 AM

Another topic of inteest is the bailout of the investment banks that we taxpayers are being forced to participate in. Let's look at the CEO's of those banks: 1. Tim Howard---CFO of Fannie May. He walked away with a $20,000,000 golden parachute after running the company into bankruptcy. He is now Chief Economic Acvisor to B. H. Obama. 2. Jim Johnson---formerly of Lehman Bros, later CEO of Fannie May. Currently being investigated for making illegal loans to Countrywide. Walked away from Fannie with an estimated $28 million. Was hired as B. H. Obama finance advisor, and helped to "vet" BHO's choice as V. P. 3. Franklin Raines---former chairman and CEO of Fannie Mae. Forced to resign when auditors discovered evidence of "accounting discrepancies". Was granted a golden parachute and benefits of $240 million. Currently works for the B. H. O. campaign as chief economic advisor. Let's face it---there is plenty of blame go go around in both parties, but I think that Coleman did a pretty good job overall. His biggest mistake was in responding to Franken's lies, especially in this extremely politically biased newspaper (which is actually nothing more than a print ad for liberal causes).

dmoogieSep. 28, 0812:00 PM

i can't git the gist of norm's 'splainin with them fancy type words and big numbers. can't he find a bowler with a fargo accent to talk down to us folks in words us yokels can understand?

arwolf64Sep. 28, 08 1:21 PM

You're taking credit for things you should be doing. Right? You Republicans are nauseating. Fat, bloated, immoral, unpatriotic. This country is in a mess, and all you do can is cry "foul". Outrage is not an issue. I'd like to see things from your point of view, but I just can't get my head that far up my you-know-what.

pdxtranSep. 28, 08 8:05 PM

the Bush administration made sweetheart deals with private contractors who were personal friends of Bush and Cheney?

usercdjSep. 28, 08 9:02 PM

They endevour at a lipservice level. Enough to make it look like they are doing something. Oh, by the way "lipservice" was not intended to suggest anything about there airport bathroom habits.

tbot2000Sep. 28, 0810:00 PM

"I have made exposing waste, fraud and abuse a top priority," says Norm... I'm still cleaning the water I spit from my mouth off the monitor. What a joke. Great no review of the non-compete Haliburton contracts... After getting $21 billion in war contracts, those bums moved their office to the middle east, so they didn't have to pay U.S. taxes!!!! And Normie, with the power to do so, didn't do anything about it. This is the most insulting pile of bs I've ever read. Norm Coleman is a horrible "leader" and should NEVER hold office again.


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