Offseason investment makes move more urgent

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 18, 2008 - 12:17 PM

This QB switch is not only prompted by Jackson's poor play, but also the money thrown at pricey free agents.

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vikingsSep. 17, 0810:26 PM

This is step one of Zygi's two-step process. He's already assembling names of replacement coaches (who will definitely bring in a new OC). Too bad it's too late since they have such limited skill players on offense besides Adrian. Their defense will be too aged by the time the offense is fixed in 3 years under a new coach. They should have stock-piled draft picks for a run in 5 years. Now it will take more than that.

mossfan1Sep. 17, 0810:31 PM

It reeks of the desperation you would expect of a winless team who cant sell any tickets. Oh wait... Well at least he is a bright young qb prospect who will excite the fanbase. Or not... Booty will start a game this year.

JohnOrrSep. 17, 0810:33 PM

If you play a lot of golf, you know the guy who hits beautiful seven irons on the practice tee. But then turns into a danger on the course as errant shots narrowly miss golfers on adjecent fairways. There is a very big difference between practice and the real thing. I can't believe that an NFL coach wouldn't see this and stick to his guns despite all of the evidence that in this case practice potential does not equal game performance. If I had been coach, I would have gone immediately to Gus. Sure, he's not the greatest. But, he would have thrown two touch down passes in both the first two games because he's a veteran. This whole episode reminds me of last year and how knuckehead Childress would sit Peterson out at crucial points in the game. Or not give him enough touches in the first half. He was going to stick with Taylor until a ball hit him in the head and he woke up to "Maybe I have the best running back in either league and I should play him." Childress has really shown an impossibly stubborn side (slow to recognize and process facts) that would cause me to fire him were I the CEO.

rajneekaantSep. 17, 0810:46 PM

Remember how everyone ripped Eli Manning last year? How pathetic he was and what a joke he was after the Vikings game. Look what happened. It took him 3 years. Now the Giants are set for many, many years. Maybe Ferotte is the way to go, but I just wish we wouldn't have been so quick to boo Jackson at the first home game of the year. Who knows how he would have done if the fans supported him a bit.

southernstarSep. 17, 0810:51 PM

Can someone count the number of draft choices traded away for veteran players or to move up to select higher in the draft during the past three drafts? Then Chilly waived Thigpen for Bollinger last yr, dumb. Chiller has ruined this team, no young talent to speak of. Look around the NFL at all young talented RB's & WR's this year, we didn't get one! Lucky AD fell into their lap last yr.

sww92498Sep. 17, 0811:29 PM

Now maybe the Vikings coaches can feel confident to play action pass on first down, (the most productive down to play action), and know that the most certain outcome won't be 2nd and 10.

DennisH3Sep. 18, 0812:23 AM

Ferotte is a back-up who is a 50% passer with no mobility. Maybe that is what we needed all along. Brad Johnson played QB in 7 wins and had only one game in which the offense won the game. Chilly has really screwed up his perception as a QB developer. McNabb has really gone down hill since he left and Philly no longer has that kick-ass offensive look??? What is the real plan that was kept secret for so long? Chilly better watch out, pretty soon the Wilf brothers are going to want to see him in the coaches office after a win!!!

spunkySep. 18, 08 1:05 AM

At least, if Childress continues to be the offensive genious he appears to be, it'll be easier to get tickets to Vikings games cheaper.

johnjsmithSep. 18, 08 2:52 AM

Too bad for Jackson, he seems to be a hard working,nice young man,but the reality of the NFL was put on display today-1)It is a business and a very big business at that. 2) If you dont win right away you are gone. It is harsh ,but it is what happens. If the vikings dont win on Sunday Childress could very well be gone as well.

knerburnSep. 18, 08 4:38 AM

Childress firing Jackson was like Bush firing Rumsfeld: it looks like something, but the stink remains until number one is gone. Second, remember Brad Johnson. He called it for what it is: a megalomanic coach who will not let his quarterback improvise or adjust on the fly. Robo-qb with Childress for a brain. Not good. Not good.


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