Commitment to Jackson becoming harder to sell

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 15, 2008 - 1:40 PM
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powergeckosSep. 14, 08 8:36 PM

After the 3rd Field Goal - I threw up in my mouth a little... Sorry, Childress and T-Jax seem like nice people - but they can't do the job. It's that simple. Oh, for the days of Coach Uncle Burnsie and a few of his choicely placed effenheimers....

rajneekaantSep. 14, 08 8:41 PM

It take several years to become a good QB. Being fair, Jackson hasn't played long enough to write him off (believe me it crosses my mind). But what's disturbing is the unwillingness by the coaching staff to give him the opportunity to get into a rhythm and grow as a quarterback. If you never let him throw, how can he get better? Why not let him do some hurry up offense? Something to surprise the defense. They are the most predictable offense I have ever seen.

pauldyhrSep. 14, 08 8:41 PM

It should be very clear to everyone now that Jackson is not ready and should be a back up. Trouble is the back up situation, though Gus has always shown he can pass, is pretty shallow. Let's give it a rest already and get Gus in there.

off2atmSep. 14, 08 8:43 PM

Simply pathetic play calling, and coaching all around. Fire him now, no need to stretch it out of the next 4 months. He has been given everything he wanted, and he gets tavaris Jackson and Shiancoe. Good bye Chilli

manolive72Sep. 14, 08 8:44 PM

We've seen how to properly prepare a young QB. (See Green Bay and New England). We didn't do that and we are paying a high price. If Jackson doesn't sit and learn from Frerotte, then Childress has to go, and he can take his "kick ass" offense with him!

leomichaelSep. 14, 08 8:49 PM


NovabillSep. 14, 08 8:50 PM

Remember the piece Souhan had about his workout with Matt Birk and the heavy rope Birk used? I think Matt dropped it on Souhan's head. Jackson had exactly two bad throws late in the game where the ball sailed on him. Otherwise it was the same old same old of dropped balls (why is Viscanthe Shiancoe still on this team?) and completely unimaginative play-calling. I mean where was the play-action deep route when the AP's gashing the Colts and they're cheating the safeties up? Nowhere. It's the same old dink and dunk West Coast crap and the Vikings receivers aren't physical enough to run those slants. And third and 5 on a crucial drive in Colts territory late and Chilibevell don't even pretend to try and get it in running AP on a straight dive. Jackson played good enough to win this game without carrying the coaching staff and a pitiful bunch of wideouts on his back.

FireballR22Sep. 14, 08 8:55 PM

...and make sure you take every one of them over the Viking HQ tomorrow. No more. That's what the paying public is telling Mr. Wilf. No more. No more Childress. No more Jackson. Time for them to move on. Not at the end of October when we're 1-7, not at the end of the season, but right NOW. Tonight. Before practice resumes. Get it right, and do it now.

btaleenSep. 14, 08 9:06 PM

Soon there will be issues in the lockeroom. I feel bad for the vets on D i.e. Winfield, Williams, etc. who see their careers winding down and no real chance at making a strong play-off run. T Jack I'm sure is a fine young fellow, but he is a practice squad QB at best. The Vikes are in serious trouble as Ferotte is a dime a dozen QB himself. Nuff said.

vikings53548Sep. 14, 08 9:11 PM

Cut Jackson and run childress out of town!


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