RNC: So, how'd we do? Depends on who you ask

  • Article by: PAM LOUWAGIE, EMILY KAISER and HERÓN MÁRQUEZ ESTRADA , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: September 5, 2008 - 10:29 PM

It's over! The cheer-filled Xcel Center is now an empty cavern, and in the light of a new and quieter day officials assess a whirlwind.

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pattayaSep. 5, 08 9:09 PM

Both of the conventions were just a bunch of people touting themselves in front of their own supporters. It would be more interesting if each party had to 'do their thing' in front of the opposition party. What would you expect.....of course each party is getting the crowd aroused because the crowd agrees with the leaders. It is only cheering yourselves, so how could anyone know if it was successful in the long run anyway......only November 4th will tell. A stupid question to ask if each convention was successful.........

anewlightSep. 5, 08 9:09 PM

I can understand the Evangelical base rallying around another fundamentalist "true believer," but I don't know what happened to the rest of the party. If Obama supporters have been drinking the Kool-Aid, then Palin's newfound fans have been drinking from a bowl of spiked punch ever since McCain sprung her on the Lower 48 & Hawaii. More at: http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/1251887-sarah-palin

aball010Sep. 5, 08 9:11 PM

mccain and oreilly and the rest of the rights are basing much of their argument for mccains presidency on the very disputable fact that the "surge worked"... that is like saying the vikings had a good game because they scored a touch down in the 4th quarter, but the score is still 42-7...the other part to my analogy is that the game was only played on the basis of lies (false pretenses) and an illegal game (that game is actually referring to war for those not following)

coloradotwinSep. 5, 08 9:13 PM

Pastor, thanks for the good laugh...you libs still upset losing the last two elections, with an attitude like your, you will be singing the blues again in two months. Libs are bitter, full of hate, and sure spin a lot, right skippy! Obama rejected in Nov election, the people will speak, then what or who will you blame then.

lostagainSep. 5, 08 9:17 PM

As more and more information comes out about police abuse of credentialed news media, Mayor Coleman has some explaining to do. Clearly, the police had to deal with the self-described group of anarchists who travel from city to city to "protest" and intentially break laws. (They were not local college kids!) However, the police treated news media the same way, handcuffing them, ripping their media credentials off their necks and pushing them to the ground and bloodying their faces. Now these same abused news media are talking nationally about what happened to them. Did the police think they could get away with this? It's time for Coleman to talk about this. It's an embarrassment to the city.

lostagainSep. 5, 08 9:25 PM

This is what you said: "Libs are bitter, full of hate, and sure spin a lot, right skippy!" I'll just add that people who use labels like that rather than talk about the issues are "bitter, full of hate and sure spin a lot."

ch3201Sep. 5, 08 9:28 PM

"At least we got to see that cute baby with Downs Syndrome that Bristol gave birth to last year, and maybe soon we will get to see her next one." this comment reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw in North Carolina: It is unfortunate that ignorance is not painful.

tjernsteSep. 5, 08 9:30 PM

It could be that no political convention in any city could be any better than than the RNC in Minneapolis this week. And this is the most positive thing I can think to say about St. Paul -- that is, it's probably not the city's fault. But the city should also not be proud of the convention. St. Paul shut down for 4 days for a bunch of ideologues to come in and throw a party -- meanwhile taking all kinds of rights away from citizens of this community. I have never been more personally disgusted by anything I've witnessed in the United States than my experience of seeing the police state in St. Paul this week. This spectacle was more than enough evidence of the need for widespread reforms in our society -- or maybe it's just evidence that our society is slowly going down the toilet. It's either one or the other, but the United States is currently a shell of its former self.

jusmeeSep. 5, 08 9:31 PM


swannyriversSep. 5, 08 9:38 PM

A nice dose of reality!


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