'Change is coming:' McCain promises no more business as usual

  • Article by: PATRICIA LOPEZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 5, 2008 - 10:09 AM
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baumandjSep. 4, 0811:08 AM

McCain is talking that he wants to push for both sides to work together, and we all know that it will never happen. Not many of these guys actually do what we elect them for....work FOR us. They pretty much all just do what they want, and what will benefit them the most...this goes for most politicians, not one specific party.

W2thdrSep. 4, 0811:12 AM

I was looking at the electoral map (with Obama taking a siginficant projected lead) and a curious thing came to mind. Why is it that almost all the red states are what are considered high welfare states?...And all of the economic high production states with the top tier universities are blue? It can't all be about guns and religion is it?

josephjsalasSep. 4, 0811:14 AM

McCain,Obama,Biden and Palin are all members of the Rockefeller founded Counsel on Foreign Relations (CFR). This is the Status Quo club that promotes NAFTA,CAFTA,APEC and the current Korean(KDB) purchase of Federal Reserve shares by way of a Lehman Bros. buyout. And again, the status quo has everyone running arround in circles fighting for the high-ground on table scrap issues(perhaps my choice of words are on the strong side) like abortion and polar bears. Let's talk about NAFTA chapter 11. aka the US Supreme Court Usurpage. Or Public law 89-719. Or the Real ID act. Or the IMF taking control of middle east oil such that to pull the rug out from under Putin. And after the dust settles, a one world government will be all that's left. (lol)

fleetingdaysSep. 4, 0811:15 AM

President McCain will be in office soon. This is our time to witness his birth into this position. Certainly, at 72, if he does get ill/sick, he will be able to transfer command over our american military generals and nuclear arsenal over to Mrs. Palin. We will fight Bin Laden, terror, and make democracies throughout the world. When I look at the American flag, I think of the Republican party. The party of Abraham Lincoln and Reagan and Bush. We should be thankful for their leadership. God Bless Them. And, God Bless America.

bradtheissenlaSep. 4, 0811:20 AM

Michelle Bachmann, Katherine Kersten, Ann Coulter, and the anchors on Fox News? What is it about the Republicans and their view of women?

doug14Sep. 4, 0811:20 AM

We hear from the right that Obama hasn't offered any plans, and yet I haven't heard anything re: what the Republicans' plans are? Palin's speech was nothing but cheap talk and smart a$$ comments... Ms. Palin, it ain't hard to talk tough behind a podium, why don't come out from behind that podium and answer some questions? Or I spose you could just hide from the tough questions like our current pres/vp. That says a lot about you and the folks blind enough to vote for you.

davesnothereSep. 4, 0811:20 AM

If we can expect VP Palin to champion the causes near and dear to her, that works for me. Seriously now, I can't wait to see Biden lose a few hair plugs during the VP debate. If we are lucky the press may even move off their insistence that only Democratic women deserve to rise above the glass ceiling. Susan Estridge actually had a column today that I agreed with. This is going to be fun!

jbdrafterSep. 4, 0811:23 AM

The difference is; McCain already has a track record of working across the aisle. I truly believe that of the candidates in this election, the only one that has a chance at making bipartisanship work is McCain. Reason, Obama is WAY to far left of center, a common trait of recent presidential candidates for the Democratic Party. This is even more of a reason to question why Hillary was not nominated; she was the more centrist of the candidates which, again, makes bipartisan politics a possibility...

rvm4Sep. 4, 0811:28 AM

Wake me when the old, tired, flip-flopping, knee-jerk, hot-headed multi-millionaire is done talking.

blankphrankSep. 4, 0811:29 AM

to actually talk about issues. Will he be willing to say he wants more tax cuts for the rich, 100 years in Iraq, is against funding and tax breaks for alternative energy, thinks burning things for energy is OK despite global warming, wants the tax breaks and funding to go to oil companies, is against the farm bill which includes food stamps for the poor, doesn't want higher mileage standards for automobiles, wants to privatize social security, etc. Does he have the political guts to stand an deliver on what his policies will be??? Or will he just snipe at the opposing candiates withiout actually discussing issues like his VP choice did last night??


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