Indiscriminate arrests leave behind a bad odor

  • Article by: NICK COLEMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 4, 2008 - 10:14 PM
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fleetingdaysSep. 3, 0810:00 PM

However, we must remember, only a few people actually control this country. And, I hate to say it does really amount to money. A true democracy? Does your vote matter? The electoral college, lobbyists, and political folks that never seek a different job? The legacy money that is protected by the Federal government from significant taxes. America. Is it getting better? I'm no so sure.

calvin4219Sep. 3, 0810:07 PM

Hating the police, giving half the story and telling us we should feel sorry for those "innocently" caught up in the riot. Well, they should have gotten away from the idiots or better yet, policed the protesters themselves, to prevent the anarchists from doing their damage.

MaulaSep. 3, 0810:18 PM

I have lived in Minnesota for 22 years. I feel really terrible that these people are here to create havoc and ruin our city. They need to be arrested. However, there are some protesters that aren't creating havoc and only want their views and voices heard which is their right. I want to commend the police for infiltrating this group of thugs and diminishing all the damage they had planned.

gannonSep. 3, 0810:22 PM

Obviously Mr. Coleman is very liberal... which is fine, however I am ashamed that this is the level that we refer to people of another party and those choosing to protest, peacefully, the enforcement to keep things civil as stinky fish?!?!?. Its too bad that innocent people are picked up by police, however with what I have seen on telivision I am glad that they are protecting this city from people who just want to destoy our windows, benches, attack law enforcement, and ignite potentially hazardous bombs. Not only that but these anarchists have completly negated the voice of the true protestors that have important statements that should have been heard. The odor of the anarchists is what I smell. I'm pretty sure the GOP didn't invite these anarchists to this state. It seems like this writer is completely ignorant or just has bad tunnel vision when it comes to his opinion. Well needless to say I'll probably not bother reading his columns, which I'm sure won't bother him in the least...

vikesfanSep. 3, 0810:26 PM

emanates from the one who calls himself Nick Coleman. I especially got a kick out of the way he CENSORED comments on his own Column earlier this week when HUNDREDS of commenter’s were in agreement and in opposition to his SPEW. The skanks planning to disrupt and create public chaos deserve much more that our police forces are permitted to provide them. Thanks of course to the very system and people they choose to pit themselves against.

AndreCSep. 3, 0810:30 PM

1. There was a large number of people committing felony & gross misdemeanor crimes in Downtown St. Paul. 2. There were large numbers of civilians over the entire area, some were part of the groups doing these crimes, some people were there watching what was happening, others were passing through on their way to other things, etc. 3. The police have a responsibility to protect property and people from behing harmed. If they failed to do this and someone was to get seriously injured or killed then Nick's column would be "Police don't do enough to prevent death". 4. Sometimes innocent people will be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes innocent people will get detained. In most instances if they are innocent this will be sorted out and they will be released. Sure, it is inconvenient for someone to be detained and they may feel embarrassed or upset but it is not the end of the world and it is not like they are being put in prison for years. When people put themselves in situations where there are hundreds or thousands of people and there is clearly civil disorder then people must know that they are potentially putting themselves in a bad situation. Is this not any different than what most parents tell their children? If you hang around with bad people or put yourself in a bad situation then bad things may happen. Considering all the violence that happened in St. Paul over the last week I think our Public Safety personnel did a fantastic job.

vikesfanSep. 3, 0810:39 PM

"Only a few marchers outside convention were really out of step" In this column, the first comment received 164 positive clicks, and was in opposition to Nick's special point of view. adding comments and clicking to agree or disagree with a posted comment was disabled. The comment I was going post was a request for Nick to clarify the 'out of step' would that be Lock Step, Goose Step, or simply one of the Cleese Silly Walks?

gobushSep. 3, 0811:02 PM

The only thing Nick Coleman is smelling is himself!

kimmel04Sep. 3, 0811:07 PM

...from the offices of St. Paul city councilman Dave Thune. You know, the same moron who spouted his ignorant rhetoric following the raids that went down last weekend about the "overreaction" of Sheriff Fletcher. What do you have to say now, Moron? You will no doubt be voted out of office come next election, but if you really had any honor and dignity you'd resign for your failed leadership in recognizing what was about to happen in your community, despite open proclamations and promises of violence by the anarchists. You stink, Thune.

stribmenotSep. 3, 0811:17 PM

The Dems welcome violent radicals into their protest groups who incite rioting on the streets, them blame the police for everything.


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