Opinion: Congress is about to pour lighter fluid on Iran

  • Article by: WILLIAM O. BEEMAN
  • Updated: September 5, 2008 - 5:15 AM

There's a great deal of support for two resolutions that, if approved, would all but strike the match on war.

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paulielynnSep. 3, 08 8:15 PM

what the hell, lets jsut do what the ass in D C wants---- Bomb the hell out of Iran and start a war that will end the world as we know it------

cahortonSep. 3, 0811:01 PM

I've been watching this story - about the House Resolution HCR 362, which effectively demands a naval blockade of Iran - since it first became public knowledge. One of the scariest things about it is the blackout the news media is maintaining on it. @@ The story was introduced on the house floor on May 22, but first broke into the alternative media on June 19, when the blog Daily Kos reported on it, nearly a month later. By that time it had over 150 co-sponsors, so there must have been thousands of people on Capitol Hill who knew about it - but the press had maintained absolute silence! By June 23 or so, nearly everyone who gets their news from liberal, left or anti-interventionist Internet media had heard about HCR 362 - which is to say about 1% of the population. Yahoo News mentioned it twice in columns by Pat Buchanan, and it was commented on by the Seattle Post-Intelligencier. CBS mentioned it several times on its website, but there is no indication that they aired it. UPI carried the story on July 1, and a few local papers and stations picked it up. Other than that, and to this day, no major national TV or radio network, not even NPR, and no newspaper with a national audience has even mentioned it, let alone reported on it properly! @@ So here we are, with what amount to declarations of war on Iran sitting in committee in both houses of congress, waiting for some crisis real or imagined to shake them loose. HCR 362 now has over half the House signed on as co-sponsors. Yet not only has there been no public debate about it, but the public hasn't even been told! @@ This raises several questions. First, who is railroading and manipulating us into this war, which many military leaders warn will be a disaster? And second, do we in any sense still have a free press? And if not, can we still be said to still have a functioning democracy?

pdxtranSep. 4, 0812:46 AM

and do what journalists are supposed to do, act as the fourth estate to protect us from the excesses of the other powers that be. Maybe if you gave us real news instead of celebrity fluff or other irrelevancies you wouldn't have your circulation problems. This Iran business is a perfect case in point. You all just act as publishers of press releases from the administration and don't dig beneath the surface.

wbeemanSep. 4, 08 8:11 AM

I am the author of the piece. The correct name for AIPAC is the American Israel (not Israeli) Public Affairs Committee. I regret the error. William O. Beeman

megamericanSep. 4, 0812:41 PM

It was widely publicized in the alternative media early last month that a large US Naval armada was heading towards the Persian Gulf. It seems like the decision on these resolutions was decided awhile ago. Also remember that Seymour Hersh reported that Dick Cheney had outline 12 different provocations to get us involved with Iran. The one Hersh would talk about involved dressing up special-ops in fake Iranian PT boats and having them fire on other US forces in the Gulf. I guess that means Cheney knows that they can't fake another Gulf of Tonkin like event, it must seem real this time. Thank you so much Dr. Beeman for writing this article!

bgates1970_1Sep. 4, 0812:54 PM

What do you expect from the "The do nothing Democratic congress!"

lgraber81Sep. 4, 0812:56 PM

Yet you liberal lefties tie it to Bush and his wishes...where is the Democratic will and spine to "out" this action as the will of the "totalitarian" Bush? The crap you speak has no base simply because you do not have much of a platform to speak on. Hate does not base itself on facts, just rhetoric. It is time to face it, Democrats are in agreement with the move on Iran because of the threat to the world they represent. It is time to stop with the hate speech.

tweety64Sep. 4, 08 1:48 PM

I've started reading a book called "Jerusalem Countdown." Although I knew that Islam hated the Jewish people & Christians, I was shocked by how determined they are to kill as many of us as they can. Here are a couple questions asked by the author: Is the United States vulnerable to a nuclear attack from Iran? America is very vulnerable to nuclear suitcase bombs, which have the capacity to kill a million or more people per explosion. Paul L. Williams, a former consultant to the FBI on terrorism, reports there are seven teams of terrorist now working in the United States. The seven areas that have been identified are New York, Miami. Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C. These terrorist groups are working out of mosques and Islamic centers, which are protected by the law as "houses of worship." While Iran can reach Europe with a missile, it does not yet have a missile with sufficient range to reach America. Why must the United States put its own security on the line to defend Israel? Iran is a threat to western civilization ... not just to Israel. Iran with nuclear weapons will be the world's worst nightmare. America and Europe will be blackmailed to bow to the Islamofacist agenda. The attack on 9/11 proved Islamics have the will to kill us, they are now searching for the power to kill us ... nuclear power.

megamericanSep. 4, 08 1:56 PM

Igraber81, just because it is bi-partisan does not mean that Iran is a threat. Iran is legally allowed to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes because they are a signer of the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty. The IAEA reported that Iran has only enriched uranium to 3.7%, which indicates that it is only being used for peaceful energy purposes (90% is needed for weapons grade material). Remember that the CIA said in 2005 that Iran was 10 years away from a bomb IF they were pursuing a weapons program. The recent intelligence estimate concluded that Iran was NOT pursuing nuclear weapons at this time. So please tell me how they are a threat when they have no missiles capable of hitting the US and can't even refine their own gas?

leftyredSep. 4, 08 2:14 PM

If we dont invade Iran before the election and Obama gets into office, we might not invade at all. Barack is one of those people who believe that peace comes from learning to co-exist with your enemies, not annihilate them.


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