U recruiting class not a big factor in victory

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 31, 2008 - 11:30 PM

Only eight Gophers newcomers played against Northern Illinois on Saturday night, with four of those being junior college transfers.

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burnsy15Aug. 31, 0810:16 PM

Dont care how you slice it, Gopher football is 1-0. I'm hoping they have a tremendous week of practice and knock off BG next week. Let's get the engine going and pull off a solid 6-6 season. Go Gophs

scottco229Aug. 31, 0810:29 PM

What I dont understand is why they arnt able to stop these crappy teams...you are telling me the athletes on the Gophs aren't better then N. Ill? no way...either the Defensive Coord. needs to start coaching or we need a new one...and Goph's, you need a guy who you can turn to move the chains..someone who can smash mouth the ball into the defense over and over again... 3 yards in a cloud of dust...it was nice to see the win, but you need to fix that defense and run the ball better and more reliably.

heldt2Aug. 31, 0811:05 PM

Tell your cynical, sarcastic buddy Pat to grow up (not physically, please no, no,no) emotionally. His last column is some of the ugliest dripping tripe I have read in a long time. I may not agree with you at times, but at least you don't make a living as a belittling, hateful mess. You have actually done something in your life. Like help get the Lakers to Minnesota or help get the Vikings to Minnesota, etc. Pat is a classic sniping sideliner. He is not in your class. Keep plugging away for another 80 years, Sid. These cats who take shots at you here will be dead or in a nursing home mumbling when they are 80 plus. Go Sid.

pthorselAug. 31, 0811:10 PM

I was dissapointed to feel like I was watching the same team as last year. I was optimistic that the NEW Gophers squad would dominate a non-conference game like this, but it didn't happen. I'm sad to say that this team will be lucky to get 5 wins this year. I hate the offense. Gophers looked great when they got away from the QB sneak and started throwing the ball. Decker is a stud! I honestly don't think Weber is the answer, although he isn't the one calling the plays.

ranta00Aug. 31, 0811:30 PM

I don't mean to be hypercritical but Adam Webers passing was inconsistent. How many did he throw into the ground? The No. Ill. QB was exceptional. But Weber did it when he had to. They lose this game last year. Except for the two big plays, the defense was quite good. Bowling Green is tough too. I'll take a close win right now and not complain. Brewster is making progress. That's what really counts.

BjornAHornAug. 31, 0811:44 PM

Come on Sid, how many points do you think the Gophers would have given up if they didn't have Simmons and Brock on the back line of defense? We would have had 2 more guys like Mason recruit Ryan Collado and given up 3 or 4 more 50+ yard passing plays just like last year. Give these Brewster recruits some credit!

JTristesseAug. 31, 0811:45 PM

Yes, I'm tellin you we don't have better athletes than NIU. This is still a team that Mason built.

collegefbfanAug. 31, 0811:53 PM

Some of these readers must be wannabe Barreiros. "Crappy" this and "crappy" that. Why don't you ask Pittsburgh, Arkansas and Texas A&M about "crappy" teams? You think these teams are so bad that the home team only needs to suit up and show up? They WON. They made mistakes along the way, but they showed heart and overcame them. Some fans are not satisfied unless it's a 52-3 win. Get over it.

loonmanSep. 1, 0812:44 AM

Brewster and Maturi MUST be fired this season! Very embarrassing and they have set the U back from class to ish...so sad

johnjsmithSep. 1, 08 1:18 AM

Yes, Loon man, lets fire the whole staff right now and lets get Pete Carroll to come to the U and this year we will go to the National Title game. yes, loon man fire all the coaches at the U -Lucia, Tubby, everyone and all the best coaches in America will come here instantly. Yes, good idea!!!!!!! UHHH loon man -Brewster is 1-0- right now, but lets fire him!!! Okay you are the greatest sports advice guy ever!NOT!!!!!!!!!!


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