Police raid RNC protest sites in Twin Cities

  • Article by: Abby Simons, Heron Marquez Estrada and Bill McAuliffe , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 30, 2008 - 6:26 PM
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jayskikoAug. 30, 08 9:20 AM

Um...why was there a raid in the first place? I'm confused on what grounds they were able to perform the raid. Was the Theater abandoned and this group was trespassing? In it's current form, it just appears the Sheriff's office was just playing bully and no probable cause to perform the raid.

THoffmanAug. 30, 08 9:25 AM

... the information released later includes a good reason for stopping a protest before it even starts. If not, it sounds a little like the good ol' American right of assembly and free speech went down the drain at the RNC.

freewheelerAug. 30, 08 9:25 AM

unless their was a search warrant. It will be interesting to see on what grounds this warrant was issued.

bubbagumpAug. 30, 08 9:27 AM

Obviously they are not giving you the whole story, which is why the story states they will be giving more information later on Saturday morning. Don't just to conclusions until you have all the facts.

Imperator_GAug. 30, 08 9:31 AM

The Ramsey county Sheriff's office is way out of line. This was clearly unconstitutional. Ramsey county taxpayers cannot afford to keep paying out money in lawsuit settlements because of the stupidity and willful violations of law originating in the Sheriffs Office. Notice to mention idiotic tactics like this only bring more sympathy and support for the protestors. What is wrong with the Ramsey County Sheriff?

hfnorthAug. 30, 08 9:33 AM

What crime was being committed? And what was the legal basis for seizing computers? Did a judge issue a search warrant? If not, what was the probable cause to cuff people and take personal property. This story lacks an awful lot of detail. If there is no other detail, this thing looks like a Gestapo type action with violations of peoples constitutional rights. I'd hope the Associated Press could give more than this sketchy blurb.

pfbramAug. 30, 08 9:35 AM

Evidently Freedom of Assembly was struck down at some point. Good to know that our "freedoms" are secure from terrorists. Now are they secure from ourselves?

shockdaddydAug. 30, 08 9:38 AM

As stated in the other related story, St. Paul looks a lot like Berlin circa 1933 at this point in time.

pfbramAug. 30, 08 9:39 AM

We've got probable cause that this administration illegally outed a CIA agent (Plame), waged propaganda on Americans to justify the war (illegal), hired an army of private mercenaries (illegal under the Geneva Conventions) and condones torture. Isn't this probable cause for treason? Where's that warrant?

shockdaddydAug. 30, 08 9:41 AM

skee0025: After what we've seen the Bush administration pull with illegal searches, wiretaps and warrantless surveillance, why should we give the government the benefit of the doubt? As far as I'm concerned we MUST question everything the government does from this day forward ... that includes both sides of the aisle.


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