Editorial: McCain surprises, but is Palin ready?

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  • Updated: August 29, 2008 - 7:10 PM

Relative unknown joins GOP ticket out of the Alaska blue.

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pumiceAug. 29, 08 7:47 PM

Where did the earlier comments go?

pumiceAug. 29, 08 8:19 PM

They're with an earlier version of this editorial ("Surprise pick, but is Palin ready?) credited to Jill Burcum and published at 4:51. The fact that Sarah Palin stopped the "bridge to nowhere" is new information in this version and should be a plus in her resume. She also strives to avoid contact with known lobbyists...

dmmuhsAug. 29, 08 8:38 PM

The fact that she has managed a government, even if smaller than any other state, makes her more qualified than any senator. They have not managed any government organization. Governors of any state are eminently more qualified for an executives job than any senator.

thormohlenAug. 29, 08 8:50 PM

Why is the Strib being so easy on this candidate? If elected she is one heartbeat away from the presidency. Get some backbone and call her what she is: unqualified.

robtowAug. 29, 08 8:56 PM

The person occupying the office of the President of the United States is referred to as the Chief Executive, not chief legislator or chief community organizer. Governor Palin's executive experience exceeds Senator Obama's. And Senator Biden's. Or, for that matter, even Senator McCain's. There is a reason why so few sitting senators have been elected to the Presidency. While a senator manages a staff of 100 or so, a governor leads an entire state. Big difference.

pjacobsmaAug. 29, 08 8:56 PM

Republican Presidents and Vice Presidents aren't expected to do anything but smile, shake hands, and get doughnuts for the industry executives who come to the White House to write policy for them.

drichAug. 29, 08 9:02 PM

by that logic she's more experienced than McCain. She said she stopped the bridge to nowhere but during her 2006 gubernatorial campaign she said she supported it and thought it should be built because the Alaskan Congressional delegation had the best opportunity then to get the funding for it. Did she just do a flip flop or did she just lie? She didn't "stop" it, they never got the funding for it.

khibdwbAug. 29, 08 9:06 PM

Allan "Bubba" Autry, mayor of Fresno, California (a metropolitan area with the same population of Alaska)--and a Republican--has more experience. He has more executive experience than Ms. Palin. Why not pick him?

merleingaAug. 29, 08 9:08 PM

Let me get this right..... 44yo, wife, mother of 5 Worked in private business. Appointed to state commision chair. Elected to City Council, Mayor, Governor Even runs a BALANCED budget. vs All the Senators: McCain, Hillary, Biden, Obama,.... their claim to fame is what? playing parliment? being lawyers (ack), budgeting 300-500 billion dollar annual deficits? Palin is the most qualified of these elitist clowns, and unlike Hillary is a self-made woman.

datelessnerdAug. 29, 08 9:09 PM

It's hilarious to watch Republican hacks try to rationalize McCain's VP selection. She was the mayor of a small town, who has now served as the governor of a sparsely-populated state for one and a half years. And THAT qualifies her to be President?!?!?! If Barack Obama had chosen a VP this unqualified, the media would've jumped all over him.


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