Hey, MoveOn? Move on

  • Article by: Tim O'Brien
  • Updated: August 26, 2008 - 9:12 AM

A message to those MoveOn.org members who are inundating me with letters about Ron Fournier, the Associated Press Washington Bureau chief: Stop it! The Star Tribune does not run letters that are part of any organized campaign. So, please, for the love of Pete, just stop it.

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pastor123Aug. 26, 08 9:22 AM

So Cheny has 2 dui's Bush has 1 and now it seems maybe McCanes has one too. The GOP must like their liquor. You can see bushes dui and a possible mccane dui at http://www.duihelpguide.com

a1batrossAug. 26, 08 9:26 AM

Fournier is simply the latest and most blatant example of the tremendous problem of corporatization of the media. Nowadays, mainstream media has become the propaganda arm of the corporations that run this country. We need to break up the media conglomerates, such as Rupert Murdoch's media empire. Unfortunately in order to accomplish that goal, we're going to have to enact comprehensive campaign finance reform, because the corporate lobbyists will otherwise prevent the passage of such legislation.

MarkGislesonAug. 26, 08 9:37 AM

Is a very big problem, made worse by your headline writers. Case in point: Bob Lewis's article about the DNC quoted only the pundit Paul Begala, yet is headlined "Warner's keynote speech to carry a bipartisan tone even if rabid Democrats don't like it." There are no rabid Democrats mentioned in the article, which relies heavily on speculative fiction to get it's accusatory message across. Given the bipartisan cheers former Republican member of Congress Jim Leach got last night, this Lewis story makes no sense, and the headline even less so. Change that misleading headline. Someone might think the Strib has a partisan rightwing agenda at work here.

OdinofAzgardAug. 26, 08 9:39 AM

Fournier is a partisan hack. The Strib should be putting an asterisk on his analyses with words to that effect. You have a duty to inform your readers when Fournier and other hacks have hidden agendas.

ShockwaveAug. 26, 08 9:52 AM

Ron Fournier shouldn't be in the "news" division, as you point out. He might find a home on Fox or enabling Katherine Kersten, but he should not pretend to be objective. He isn't. He's just one example of a very conservative ideologue masquerading as a journalist. And people like you, Tim, who are good guys trying to do a tough job, don't seem to notice just how bad it's become. Right-wing ranters still have their jobs. While I don't know the specifics of MoveOn's campaign, it clearly worked, alerting you to a big problem in your field. If more real journalists did their job, MoveOn wouldn't have to do it for them.

ruphinaAug. 26, 0810:20 AM

MarkGisleson: no one will evre think "the Strib has a partisan rightwing agenda" Shockwave: You say "He's (Fournier) just one example of a very conservative ideologue masquerading as a journalist." Well, let's look for examples of very liberal ideologues masquerading as a journalists." Bill Moyers, Matt Lauer, Chris Matthews, Dan Rather, Eric Black, Garrison Keillor, Walter Kronkite, the rest of the 90% of the MSM who vote Democratic and contribute to Democrats every election,...... OdinofAzgard: see shockwave answer- if the Strib put an asterisk by every liberals byline masquerading as a journalist, the extra paper would cost us another rainforest. posted by Bill- (ignore the login name- that was just a way to get a UN/PW I can remember)

revrurikAug. 26, 0810:22 AM

I loved the video clip of a FoxNews 'reporter' trying to interview people at the Democratic convention. When they saw that he was with FauxNews, they all started chanting, "F Fox News!" LOVE IT!

revrurikAug. 26, 0810:25 AM

How about the conservative 'reporters' that are fed soundbites from the White House: O'Reilly, Hannity, Rush, and the ever-annoying religious nuts that get up there and embarrass themselves? Your conservative tools are actually worse than the liberal reporters.

cvalcitAug. 26, 0810:32 AM

The Star Tribune does not run letters that are part of any organized campaign. But it does run news articles that are part of an organized campaign.

MullibokAug. 26, 0810:33 AM

So the complaints you're being sent are legitimate, but people shouldn't be making them. That about sum it up?


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