Twins to trade baggie for a piece of the rock

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  • Updated: August 16, 2008 - 12:43 AM
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edavis1007Aug. 15, 08 8:43 PM

this will bring tons of money into minnesota. Vetter stone in mankato is one example of companies profiting off of a new stadium. If we just continued giving welfare to thugs from chicago, real hard working minnesotans would be out money

openmindAug. 15, 08 9:15 PM

You're more dense than the stone. How will this bring "tons of money into Minnesota?" What a dolt! this is the biggest waste of money since, well... the last stadium we built.

bellamn16Aug. 15, 08 9:39 PM

Why are we having green seats when the team colors are red, white, and blue?

knights77Aug. 15, 08 9:45 PM

It's not your money's not your design's not up to you or me...all we can be is thankful we're gonna watch a ballgame in a nice outdoor ballpark, instead of the sterile dome.

shee0077Aug. 15, 08 9:47 PM

Is that part of the original model? Isn't right field going to be a single deck, or am I confusing my termonology?

eunomianAug. 15, 08 9:58 PM

Sterile dome for a sterile argument; you should feel right at home against an inept Seattle team under the teflon sky. Your "nice outdoor ballpark," point in fact, IS being built with our money, Dobie Gillis, particularly the middle-class taxpayer carrying this state (and country) in place of the 2/3 of corporations that pay ZERO taxes (according to the GAO report issued last week).

boshkAug. 15, 0810:18 PM

and go visit that ugly guthrie that i helped paid for, and leave the twins stadium alone.

mntwins7Aug. 15, 0810:21 PM

The thing is nearly built and people are STILL whining about it. If you don't support the new stadium, fine. You don't have to go there. But quit whining about it. Tax dollars are spent on things I don't agree with every single day of my life. Why is the fact that this a SPORTS arena make it so unimportant to people? Nobody griped about public funding for a new Guthrie or a new library. Well this is something that makes the city of Minneapolis, the Twin Cities, and the state a better place to live. It brings in new jobs with the construction, maintenance, vendors, groundskeepers, parking attendants, etc, not to mention the additional tourism dollars to hotels, restaurants and other retail outlets from the outlying parts of the state and other states. It also brings national attention to what the rest of the world otherwise thinks of as "flyover country." If none of these things are important to you, fine. But you don't hear me b*tching about paying taxes to send children to school when I don't have kids. It's being built already, deal with it and LET IT GO!

qtvu11Aug. 15, 0810:27 PM

Does the new stadium look like Bloomington City Hall? I sure hope not. Bloomington City Hall is one of the more hideous looking buildings I've ever seen.

Dougie2Aug. 15, 0810:39 PM

Enough said....


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