Franken is target of tough ads - from DFLer

  • Article by: PATRICIA LOPEZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 6, 2008 - 9:09 PM

Senate hopeful Priscilla Lord Faris takes aim at the party endorsee's baggage.

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jesseventuraAug. 6, 0810:37 PM

The decision to select Franken as the DFL candidate for Senator was appallingly wrong-headed and there is no reason for Minnesota's Democrats to stand behind it. The man is simply unelectable and his candidacy guarantees six more years of Norm "Coalman." And Franken even seems to be dragging other Democratic candidates down with him. We need another person to run against the incumbent in Franken's stead- Lord Faris probably isn't that person, but Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer could be.

odannyboyAug. 6, 0811:26 PM

... to come to Minnesota to campaign for Coleman. They will be such a big help to Normie, for sure.

senjh23Aug. 7, 0812:08 AM

Lord Faris' campaign is being assisted by Bob Mattson! Maybe we should check to see if she is living in Florida also. Proud fathers with great accomplishments are being sullied by their entitlement-obsessed children. Lord Faris' is nothing than a stalking horse for Republicans. Franken is smarter and better than Coleman and represents Minnesota's aspirations much better than Coleman.

lauristonAug. 7, 08 1:00 AM

Get real folks, Priscilla Lord Faris would not dupe her father and his long standing tradition of DFL Party beliefs! DFLers that I know think Franken is a "light weight" and will not win. They would like to see a respectible candidate. If not Priscilla Lord Faris then Norm Coleman is a better bet. Drop the conspiricy theory. Miles Lord and his family are better than that! Miles recently lost his son. Have more respect for the family than to create tales like this. Please and good lunk Priscilla Lord Faris.

BornDemocratAug. 7, 08 7:34 AM

Al's baggage aside, he's full of bad ideas. One only need to look to his radio career. If he had good ideas, and people thought he was worth listening to, his Air America radio show wouldn't have failed so miserably. The DFL blew it when they endorsed this clown.

s4xtonAug. 7, 08 8:08 AM

Lord Faris doesn't even know Al Franken. She wasn't a delegate to the DFL State Convention. As far as I know, she didn't even attend. And now, she's regurgitating MN GOP talking points. Blois Olson's quote in the article is 100% correct. Who is she working for? Or is she just naïve?

BornDemocratAug. 7, 08 8:29 AM

Lord Faris isn't working for anyone. She's one of many who realize the only reason Al received the endorsement, is that he's the one who could bring in the most cash. There is no other reason to support this guy. He's full of populist crap that amounts to nothing to support. He cannot win, and she wants to try to do something about it. These aren't GOP talking points that she's raised, but rather they are facts. The more we know about Al, the less likely Minnesotans are going to support him. He's just not Senate material.

grad_girl_1Aug. 7, 08 9:34 AM

As a Democrat, I agree with Lord Faris' assessment of Al Franken, and I applaud her for having the courage to stand up and point out the elephant in the room, Franken's weaknesses. It greatly dismayed me, and many, when the DFL convention quickly dismissed Nelson-Pallmeyer. I disagree with DFL that Franken was the best candidate, and I know of many others who feel the same way.

cjhardingAug. 7, 0810:12 AM

I agree with gradgirl 100%. I don't think Lord Faris and Franken difer greatly on the issues. Let's face it, the Lord name in Minnesota is a respected name that goes back a long way. I don't think Miles was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He started with nothing, worked hard, became successful and involved his family in what he loved - politics. Not much different than multi generation police families. Lord Faris knows the ropes of politics, policy and more importantly MINNESOTA. Can Franken claim that?

stalfonsoAug. 7, 0810:40 AM

As a Republican I've always been opposed to Hillary Clinton, but I think she would have been a far, far saner choice for Prez than Obama. Now, the whacky far-left of the DFL has chosen Franken to represent the party, making the moderate (sensible) majority going "OMG! What have we done?" When your party does not represent you anymore it's time for a change. As I always tell my conservative friends, "I never left the Democrat party, they left me."


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