HCMC honored for response to I-35W bridge collapse

  • Article by: PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 29, 2008 - 11:38 PM

The award was last given in 2002 to a New York City health corporation following the 9-11 attacks.

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rainmnJul. 29, 08 9:38 AM

This is well-deserved recognition for HCMC. The fact that HCMC responded so well didn't just happen though. There is a very talented group of physicians and medics there who have been working very hard to ensure that HCMC (and all the hospitals in the region) could respond so well in an emergency. As a police officer, I am happy to be working in a city that has this incredible resource. We should ALL be thankful that this talented group of professionals was forward-looking enough to prepare so well.

martime0Jul. 29, 08 9:49 AM

As the Investigative Commander for the 35W Bridge Collapse I saw first hand what a tremendous job HCMC and their EMS Partners did. We should all be very proud to have such assets in the Twin Cities. They undoubtedly saved numerous lives through their quick action, improvised techniques for transport, and professionalism. North Memorial, Fairview (University & Riverside), Abbott Northwestern, Regions, and many others also provided crucial assistance. Insp. Mike Martin, Minneapolis Police Department.

uadp00Jul. 29, 08 9:54 AM

I am stunned how many people use this disgrace to pat themselves on the back. First its the damn Hennepin County sheriff who takes credit for the entire operation in a self-promotion video even though he barely lifts a finger. Then its Governor Press Conference telling everyone how much he cares but doesn't plan to do anything about it. And now we're handing out awards???? Just fix the damn bridges!! Seriously, if you figured out a way to fund a baseball stadium (which I supported) you can make sure the roads and bridges are safe enough so everyone's families can get home after a long days work.

KJepsonJul. 29, 0810:09 AM

This article is about the wonderful folks at HCMC, who responded to this emergency in a professional and exemplary fashion0 facing a horrible situation. They do this EVERY day, not just when a bridge collapses- and they deserve our thanks and commendations. They saved the life of my husband after an auto accident and deserve the honor awarded them! We are truly lucky to have this level of service in our city. Thanks to everyone in the emergency rooms at HCMC!

Rudeboy517Jul. 29, 0810:32 AM

I was admitted to the MICU the day before the collapse and was in serious to critical condition - the hospital at that point was already inundated with patients such as myself. The staff kept their composure throughout the night of the collapse and were able to continue treating their patients as usual. I am thankful for HCMC and the level of care they are able to provide each and every day. This recognition is well deserved as it is for other area hospitals.

twincitymikeJul. 29, 0810:44 AM

are you kidding. you dont think HCMC should be commended for doing a good job? I think they did an excellent job...thats what the story is about. Sorry if you cant take reading some news about people helping people. Is there a rule on these boards that either George Bush or the Twins Staduim criticism must posted within 10 posts, no matter what the subject???

dgbrongJul. 29, 0810:57 AM

HCMC exists because our infrastructure tax dollars have been siphoned off to their hospital. This is a hospital where they can take all the gang bangers who have been shot in North Minneapolis, and Crooklyn Park. They also service many illegal aliens. Then when the neglected bridge collapses, they get to save the day. What a crock!

twincitymikeJul. 29, 0812:13 PM

I am not a big tax money guy, but i can find many better things to argue where our tax money should NOT go. Besides, it is a great place to park for twins and vikings games. :)

jrolsonJul. 29, 0812:24 PM

...hopefully you don't need to be transported there someday pal.

joda0302Jul. 29, 0812:46 PM

HCMC is no longer the butcher shop, welfare hospital it used to commonly be thought of as. HCMC is one of the premiere Academic medical centers in the Midwest, has a host of phenomenal Medical specialties and is supported by one of the finest physician groups in the state. It is my understanding that currently, less than 4% of the hospitals operating budget is derived from Tax dollars and under the leadership of Lynn Abrahamsen, that figure should continue to decline. The Services available at HCMC are some of the finest in the region. From the burn center that took care of baby Maverick, a cardiology department that boasts some of the fastest reperfusion times for heart attack patients in the state, an Ambulance service that protects over 1.2 million people on a weekday and still manages to put out some very progressive research, A Hyperbarics department that taught the World Renowned Mayo Clinic How to do it, to the Level One trauma center that receives patients from all over the midwest. HCMC along with many other Metro Hospitals are the reasons that Minnesota has some of the finest Health care in the world. Over 50% of a Physicians practicing in Minnesota have done some portion fo their education at HCMC. EMS in Minneapolis is some of the finest, quickest and most cost effective in the state because of the contributions that HCMC, North Memorial, Minneapolis Fire and Minneapolis Police have made to their city.


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