Clue on 35W bridge might have been missed

  • Article by: TONY KENNEDY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 29, 2008 - 12:03 AM

NTSB now says it's not ruling out the chance that officials overlooked evidence of the bridge's weakened state in 1999.

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fremantle1Jul. 28, 08 9:37 PM

Gusset plates should be designed to be the strongest element of a structural connection. That the gusset plate was warped or deformed says two things very clearly: the gusset plate was underdesigned, and failure of the gusset plate will occur. Gusset plants are neither designed to deform nor intended to deform anywhere near the extent shown in the photograph from 1999. Many times the structural designer does not actually design the gusset plates - this being left to the steel detailer for the steel supplier, who then issues shop drawings for the designer to check and sign off on. Somewhere in some basement are the shop drawings for this bridge, and for these connections.

tom4sixJul. 28, 0810:00 PM

something so obvious and still couldn't get it done.

hturnquiJul. 28, 0810:49 PM

Quote the article ""If the board does its job, it will cite corrosion, metal fatigue, under-design of the gusset, failure to conduct periodic, effective inspection of and maintenance of the bridge structure itself,'' Oberstar said. "A combination of those factors should be the principal elements of probable cause for failure of the bridge.''" I wish Oberstar would shut his mouth and let the professionals do their job. He is critical of the NTSB Chairman for rushing to judgment, then turns around and does it himself. This man is an embarrassment to Minnesota.

fwallenJul. 28, 0811:01 PM

Unfortunately James Oberstar will be re-elected with a resounding majority. It will because he has become what everyone says they don't like about congress: he brings home earmarks and useless projects. And the people say great!

a121940Jul. 28, 0811:12 PM

Why don't all you so called experts look up just how much is spent on earmarks and you will find they are such a small part of the overall budget to be almost laughable. Yes a number of them are not needed but just because you don't like a specific one doesn't make them all bad. Look at the big budget items like wars that are not needed and you will be talking big money. You act like lemmings being lead to the slaughter house by this administration.

bwilderbeastJul. 28, 0811:15 PM

There are also clear clues that the MN Twins TV broadcasts are an inferior product in the awful on-air presences of Bert Blyleven and Dick Bremer. Hopefully the Twins management will see the light and fix their product quicker than MNDOT acted on the 35W bridge deficiencies.

tpatmahoJul. 28, 0811:20 PM

A bridge fell down. My Christ, get over it. Move on with your lives people. There are other things...

romermusicJul. 29, 0812:48 AM

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz. Ya think?!!?!! Cuz, Sen. Wellstone surely was on the way to this inevitability, without his even knowing as such. LOL

romermusicJul. 29, 08 1:03 AM

Ain't Obertar a Democrat? Wasn't he pushing President Cowboy-Camp to prevent just such disaster? By funding preventative measures and --- ugh -- governmental action????!! Yipee Yoh Kye-Aaeee!!

HoneyDogJul. 29, 08 3:43 AM

Are thinks like millions of dollars of bike trails, especially the ones in the middle of nowhere. But hey, Oberstar wants the bike trails in his home district.


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