Lessons learned from '11 days with the enemy'

  • Article by: LIBBY NELSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 25, 2008 - 11:28 AM

Hamline University brought Mideast students together with the hope of building healthier societies.

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yoyo123Jul. 24, 08 9:10 PM

Small steps will take us a long way over time.

schmitzm03Jul. 24, 08 9:54 PM

This headline is completely ridiculous. Putting "11 days with the enemy" in quotes does not negate the fact that the headline serves more than anything to equate people from the Middle East with our enemies, and does nothing to inform the reader about what the article is really about. Let's just lump an entire people together with Al-Qaeda...oh, wait, the Far Right has already done that...and won President Bush a second term. Good work, Strib.

buster72Jul. 24, 0810:13 PM

Bringing people together focusing on ways to improve both societies. What a concept.

wolf7788Jul. 24, 0810:23 PM

schmitzm03 - are you serious? Al-Qaeda? The enemy reference has nothing to do with them being our enemies...did you know that Palestinians and Israelis don't always get along and maybe that is the reference? I also don't get the Far Right comment - you are all over the board on your post...

mcbeainJul. 25, 08 7:38 AM

schmitzm03 - Yes...Please, lets focus on the headline of the article instead of the content! Because then you can bring politics into an article that doesn't even reference it! Seriously, it's people with the thought process like yours that bring on fights!

twelveuhohonJul. 25, 08 8:05 AM

Please holster your criticisms and comments until you're able to actually read an article and comprehend it. It's the rabid idiots like you that bury any solid, rational commentary in these pages beneath a pile of verbal garbage.

headscan69Jul. 25, 08 8:14 AM

The headline does exactly that...Grabs your attention. Then read the article and figure out the who, what, where and when. It did not say "Lessons learned from '11 days with the American enemy'".

johnsq316Jul. 25, 08 8:17 AM

My experience from attending Hamline was that ineffective symbolism and "showing you care" was more important than actually doing anything about the world's problems. This action might actually do some good. That's an improvement.

falafelinaJul. 25, 08 8:35 AM

What a ridiculous idea. And arrogant. And misguided. Do you think that it is so simple that they just can't talk to one another? I can't believe a University would think so simplistically and actually believe that they are some sort of peace broker. I would like to put all who think like that in Gaza for a week with no electricity, food, jobs, and soldiers guns in your faces and see how you think about how we can dialogue with one another. What a farce.

schmitty52Jul. 25, 08 9:33 AM

one good thing comes out of this, it is well worth it. And by the smile of Natasha, the 14-year-old Palestinian student in the picture, it appears that it has.


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