Minnesotans need to drive less to exceed 2025 clean-air goal

  • Article by: BILL McAULIFFE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 22, 2008 - 9:11 AM

A clean-air goal set by the Legislature could be exceeded with a few conservation steps, a U study concludes.

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wwallace67Jul. 22, 0812:08 AM

The fix has been in for years, equality among nations means not only must (formally) 3rd world countries like China have a rising tide, but 1st world countries like the U.S. must be brought down a peg or three. Liberals are against energy for a reason....figure out what that reason is.

MoojaJul. 22, 0812:14 AM

sitting at home like mushrooms while he zooms around the planet on a private dual engine jet. When will we wake up? CO2 is not a pollutant.

wunderdudeJul. 22, 0812:16 AM

I am deeply concerned about how much state legislators drive. They burn an enormous amount of fuel. I wish Larry Pogemiller and M. Anderson-Keliher would set the example for us.

PayPuhJul. 22, 0812:31 AM

It's not going to happen. Plain and simple. Not that it shouldn't happen, but people aren't going to sacrifice their freedom because car companies didn't plan for life after fossil fuels a decade earlier. It's not like they didn't know it was going to happen sooner rather than later.

scott27037Jul. 22, 0812:35 AM

I don't understand why the gov't. is blaming us for global warming... Other planets are also warming up and we are NOT causing that. It's the sun... The earth has gone through ice ages... How did we get out of the ice ages? It warmed up WITHOUT us, since we weren't around. It goes in cycles and we have no control over it. It's history! It's all propoganda! Al Gore is barking up the wrong tree.

genebessJul. 22, 0812:45 AM

Minnesota leads the nation by dropping the speed limit to 55. Looks like the liberal propaganda machine is in high gear. The same mandate got us Riverside and Highbridge converting to from coal to natural gas. I just got my heat budget, it went from $74 to $141. Thank you Democrats.

richieswensonJul. 22, 0812:47 AM

True! Maybe we should start looking for reductions there. All they do is screw off all day anyway.

bigticketJul. 22, 0812:48 AM

Government attempts to control you and private business with mileage regulations, clean air regulations etc. and it goes nowhere. But what happens when gas goes up and the market decides what happens? Alas, people stop buying low mileage trucks and buying small crappy cars. Once again, the free market does something the government can't. And for whoever talked about it earlier, there is only one side protesting everything in sight and only one side who pays homeless people and gives them sandwiches to vote in place of dead people and people out of the country.

genebessJul. 22, 0812:56 AM

I have a real life and I don't take the family vacation in Chicago, a beach somewhere maybe but not Chicago. Transportation options in Chicago? The El? Ugliest thing on earth? 12 hour a day congestion? we already have that. 4 hours to drive through that miserable city? we are close. Neighborhoods you can't go into? close their to. Get a life.

designer56Jul. 22, 08 1:04 AM

Drive less over my dead body.


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