R.T. Rybak: Artist-designed fountains take no money from other priorities

  • Article by: R.T. RYBAK
  • Updated: July 22, 2008 - 8:25 AM
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gseelenJul. 21, 08 8:08 PM

Get your head out of your *** and stop wasting taxpayers money. Public art is one thing, but $50k per fountain. Why not make it a competition among artists. $10k fot the best, and $5k for each additional fountain. Have the city employees install

LoriSMiller8Jul. 21, 08 8:27 PM

Blah Blah Blah. The Mayor just can't admit that he is not the right person for this job. Remember the 3-minute idling rule for cars? Hey, Mayor, how about focusing on real issues like the pickpocketing on Chicago Ave, crime in Phillips neighborhood and other embattled areas? Enforcing Curfew on Mpls streets? I am so sick of hearing how money can't be used for x or y because it is budgeted for z! change the budget then!

dewey666Jul. 21, 08 8:39 PM

And the money I spend on beer does not affect the money I spend on food since I keep my beer money in my left pocket and my food money in my right pocket.

gregghJul. 21, 08 9:31 PM

Hey RT- Did you ever think of keeping the money in your pocket until something worthy came along? Your city is hurting-look at the libraries that you had to give up-about 10 years too late, the parks with no programs for kids-or the failing schools. Your babble about the money didn't come from other NEEDED projects is just insane. Your comments are no longer defensible.

StoopidlogonJul. 21, 08 9:41 PM

Artists are a bunch of stoopid liberals and I don't want to look at there stoopid art cuz it is just a waste of our space and my time. This money should go to lowering taxes cuz theres no point in art no one but stoopid liberals really like it.

gvvoiceJul. 21, 08 9:48 PM

RT: Get a clue. Who would have thought your predecessors could have been so much better than your administration? The bar was set on the floor by Sharron and your team can't get over the hurdle. Isn't there a circus coming to town you and the council can harass? Instead of designing nice drinking fountains your residents can get mugged or shot at it would be nice if you could focus efforts on repealing laws that say you must spend 1% of your budget on public art that will be ruined within six months of the unvailing. Your city is a mess and you should be voted out. Maybe if you let police cars idle for only 45 seconds you can save enough money for a few more fountains. I have just the place for you to put them.

mangeloJul. 21, 08 9:56 PM

And the city continues to burn. But raise taxes and the problems will all go away. i love the city of St Paul and Minneapolis, but i no longer can afford to live in the city, i used to live in the city. It is very sad that this mayor took time to write this op ed and defend his view. i do not get it. Do you not have more pressing matters. M angelo P

merlyn55408Jul. 21, 0810:04 PM

The city seems to be taking a defensive stance on the fountains. There is an old saying - if 10 people tell you that you have a tail, turn around and look. We are in the middle of a recession. I don't think that the issue is the fountains, it is spending half a million bucks on them when everything is falling apart. Perhaps the city could do with 5 fountains use the remaining quarter of a million helping folks pay their water bills. Spread the money around a little bit. As for the water, it is full of clorine and floride and who knows what else. I distill it, what is left doesn't look or smell too pretty.

cindaleJul. 21, 0810:06 PM

I support arts programs and am all for art, but drinking fountains? Who is going to maintain them? Where is that money going to come from. Food downtown already has a 10% tax. People avoid eating downtown because they cannot afford to. Not to mention you can't even keep Nicollet Mall and the 8th street sidewalk clean of gum and who knows what from sticking to my shoes. So who wants to drink out of something someone took a leak in because it looks like a urinal? The argument about plastic bottles is untrue. What doesn't get recycled ends up at the garbage plant that burns the garbage and creates electricity.

webfootJul. 21, 0810:16 PM

How about spending that money and get the rotten smell and taste out of the city's water system? I'd really like to take a shower without smelling that **ap and brush my teeth in clean water. I watch my property taxes going up, up & up and you're going to spend $50,000 per fountain? WHAT is wrong with this picture???? Or maybe you could lend Metro Transit some of that money so they could replace the glass that was broken out of one of the downtown rail stations last fall. If I was a visitor to this city, I'd be real impressed - NOT.


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