Grads face new realities in tight job market

  • Article by: EMMA L. CAREW , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 14, 2008 - 6:51 AM

Many grads are applying to programs like the Peace Corps.

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jollyrogerJul. 13, 08 9:29 PM

Parents pay big bucks so junior can get a degree in Peace and Justice. The justice is making the kid pay back a student loan for a worthless degree.

abgrewellJul. 13, 08 9:32 PM

I am one of the aforementioned grads who completed an AmeriCorps term and traveled overseas for nearly a year after my undergraduate studies. I feel extremely good about what I did, but the "hangover" is pretty rough. It's very hard to come back home and explain what you've learned and experienced to friends/family (not to mention Human Resources). The challenge now is to gain back the financial stability many of my friends built during my "gap years". Anyone hiring...? :-)

jollyrogerJul. 13, 08 9:40 PM

Kids today are being dragged kicking and screaming into adulthood. By getting these worthless degrees they're guaranteeing that their adulthood is delayed because after four or more years of schooling, they're STILL not ready to make a living and be self-reliant.

jafo69Jul. 13, 08 9:48 PM

Typical of bloated government universities and out or touch liberal institutions to produce graduates with no market value. I have a family member that spent 5 years at a lauded university (to the tune fo ~200k) to get a teaching certificate. That personal finance and economics is not taught on a basic level at the secondary school level is a crime...but our grads have a great self-esteem..

hockeynut05Jul. 13, 08 9:54 PM

Not necessarily true. What about those like myself who are in school for engineering or other similar degrees? There are many students in degree programs that are not "worthless degrees"

linka23Jul. 13, 08 9:57 PM

"It's kind of a way to postpone getting a real job or to look good for grad schools." So, they don't go into to it for the greater good, to serve the less fortunate or try to make the world a little better but to blow off real life for a couple more years? Wow, real humanitarians. I bet you do feel good about yourself while you sit in your parent's basement while your mom makes you a sandwich and does your laundry.

rmaster18Jul. 13, 0810:18 PM

To all the skeptics: tell me when you were a child did you think to yourself, "I really want to graduate from college so that I can start working on my 401K as soon as possible." I surely doubt it. I am currently in graduate school, and working on making my psychology degree more applicable to the workforce. But I can also understand the desire of my peers to venture out and apply their degrees in more non-traditional means. I'm not saying that their motives are completely altruistic, however criticizing them for attempting to make the world a better place doesn't seem to make sense. At the very least, they aren't doing any harm to you, so why bother being so critical. Don't pity them for getting a worthless degree. Pity yourself for opportunities lost in your own personal history.

mrkottahJul. 13, 0810:23 PM

This is the "Walmartization" of the U.S., where we race to the bottom. Let's see how many people we can get to work for how little, and we can get them to accept it by calling the detracters "whiners." We will convince them that this is the "free market" and now you have to compete against workers in China and India. What they're NOT telling you is that they are the ones who are employing the people in China and India and act like they have nothing to do with it. Welcome to Bush/McCain's America.

stribsaloserJul. 13, 0810:52 PM

What a wonderful record for Twin Cities colleges to be turning out large numbers of in-debt losers to fill the recruiting efforts of "feel-good" tax-supported organizations. My son has worked since 15, is in engineering college and knows without a doubt that he will have several job offers upon graduation. He already lives in the real world and is productive and happy before and after graduation. Somehow I think that is 'doing something good' too!

mbpuckettJul. 13, 0811:01 PM



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