Minnesota angler's possible world-record lake trout is seized, may be disqualified

  • Article by: Dennis Anderson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 27, 2014 - 8:33 PM

The 52-pound lunker may have been caught in violation of Ontario’s daily catch limit.

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mikelsmithFeb. 27, 1411:29 AM

Should not matter where on the lake you are if you have a MN license or a Canadian License. There is no line drawn on the lake. As long as you have a lisence from one or the other and not in violation of that license.

voner26Feb. 27, 1411:50 AM

If the trout qualifies as a record it should be recognized as a record period. How can you say it is not a record if it is by size indeed a record? Trying to say it does not exist is a farce. Maybe it needs a * by it.

pinky1933Feb. 27, 1411:50 AM

The Canadians are very unforgiving when it comes to their fishing regs.

jray24Feb. 27, 1411:56 AM

mikelsmith-- The international border line is drawn on lake maps, and I believe a separate license is required for each side of that line. For instance, my Minnesota license allows me to fish on the Minnesota side of Lake of the Woods, but I need a Canadian license to fish on the Canadian side of the lake. It's unfortunate this fellow was only 100 feet from legal territory, but the authorities are doing the right thing to enforce the law here, in my opinion.

Truth Be ToldFeb. 27, 1412:03 PM

To me this is a lack of common sense deal. He gave the first fish to a fellow fisherman. So as a party of two they were not in violation. I'd say let this guy off the hook. (pun intended).

cinemajayFeb. 27, 1412:08 PM

Let the guy have his record. He tried to do the right thing by giving his little fish away. Let's be reasonable!

dlzabzFeb. 27, 1412:12 PM

Keep the fish until Canada agrees to take back Justin Bieber.

didwiddelerFeb. 27, 1412:14 PM

People split the catch between them every day. They also do it with ducks, pheasants, geese, etc. It's done when outdoor writers or game wardens are along.

sooofedupFeb. 27, 1412:16 PM

Good Grief, do they not have anything better to do than split hairs with this guy? And just what are the Canadian officials going to do with it? It's not like they can put it back for someone else to catch "legally". You'd think they'd have bigger fish to fry than this guy. (pun also intended)

phlionFeb. 27, 1412:19 PM

What a great set of facts! Actually, he didn't catch it "in violation of a law" -- he said he could legally keep fishing. If anything, the fish was legally caught, but illegally retained (and I'm not sure it was, if he gave the one he had to another fisherman). The record should stand, since the fish was *caught and landed* without violating any law or regulation.


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