Car-sharing business set to clash with Minneapolis officials

  • Article by: Eric Roper , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 27, 2014 - 10:36 AM

Ahead of launch Thursday by car-sharing business, city says it has not given its OK and will ticket and impound cars.

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jamgraFeb. 26, 14 7:19 PM

If it operates and acts like a taxi, compel them be licensed and insured like a taxi. There are good reasons to have a regulated, licensed and insured taxi system, and a mobile app and "suggested donations" don't change that. You can complain all you want about taxi's, but these private cars likely won't insure you in the event of a crash, and their fares aren't regulated by the state. Some Uber users have been charged $400 for a ride on peak usage nights.

redeye12Feb. 26, 14 8:58 PM

If taxi rides were available for a reasonable cost, options like Lyfts wouldn't exist. But the city limits the number of taxis and thereby escalate the pricing. It sure sounds like someone at city hall is doing the bidding of the taxi lobby.

rnvhillFeb. 26, 14 9:30 PM

Just remember - a ride share is freely given. A share. A required payment makes this a taxi, subject to all the rules. Also, insurance on a taxi is vastly different from a share. Ride and drive/walk the streets where these operate at own risk.

ThegonagleFeb. 27, 1412:42 AM

Commercial policy or not, I hope Lyft is requiring much higher policy limits than the pathetic $40,000 required by state law for personal vehicles. I wouldn't drive for them with less than $300,000, maybe more. And don't use a personal Progressive policy. They will deny any claim if you're "for hire" our otherwise using your car for employment. Potential drivers, don't take this insurance issue lightly. If you're driving for anybody other than yourself, and you're in an accident, the other party could destroy you financially without proper insurance.

happy2commntFeb. 27, 14 6:06 AM

Bottom line...Minneapolis is against it until they figure out how to tax it.

luxaeternaFeb. 27, 14 6:29 AM

As a regular traveler to and from the airport, I am looking forward to drivers who are friendly, can speak English, and don't act like they're doing me a favor every time I get in their cab.

tcatheartFeb. 27, 14 6:54 AM

In the previous article, Lyft said they carried a $1,00,000 excess insurance policy for all of it's drivers/cars. Hope that answers any questions...

FrankLFeb. 27, 14 7:11 AM

The solution is to make available unlimited taxi licenses, and the price should be the actual administrative costs. If there are too many taxis, economics will cull the herd.

bkd001Feb. 27, 14 7:23 AM

Imagine if NY was required to keep using the ferry boat system to cross the river because the Brooklyn Bridge and subway system didn't fit the "mold".

cvalcitFeb. 27, 14 7:29 AM

An excess liability policy coverage exists only if an underlying policy responds. If your private insurance denies the claim , the "excess" policy by definition will not offer any coverage. In addition, Lyft's terms of service prohibit a user from involving the company in any sort of legal action.


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