Waiting for winter to show some mercy? Keep waiting

  • Article by: Bill McAuliffe , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 26, 2014 - 2:55 PM

Icy highways and rutted streets continue to confound motorists.

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busdriver37Feb. 25, 1410:39 PM

So the dude in Eagan says "his department is cutting back on chemical use, and relying on plow blades, sun and warmth to clear what’s left." Thanks a lot - whether it's Eagan or Dakota County responsible for the roads, there are still some downright scary spots on Eagan roads right now. Highway 3 is patchy ice. Cliff Road, especially westbound lane from IGH into Eagan at Hwy 3, is still at least an inch of ice - you have to drive with your steering wheel sideways just to not slide off the road entirely, it was actually *worse* today than yesterday. I almost got hit by no fewer than 2 cars that nearly lost it on the ice as they turned from Hwy 3 on to Cliff Rd. I'm starting to strategize alternate routes to avoid the roads that Eagan and/or Dakota County have decided to ignore.

JRBFeb. 25, 1410:41 PM

The facts are now clear: after a brief warming period, this winter marks a tipping point, and we are at the beginning of our planet entering a new ice age. The latest computer models show that severe winters will become the norm, rather than the exception, over the next 100 years. Look for Al Gore to quickly shift gears and find a new way to enrich himself, and claim anew that the science is clear, and there can be no further debate on the subject.

sorelosermanFeb. 25, 1411:27 PM

"Game Over Man, Game Over!" Private William Hudson, Aliens

twistshoutFeb. 25, 1411:40 PM

The facts are clear now. No matter, literally no matter what the evidence, a certain percentage of the population won't believe in global warming because Rush Limbaugh doesn't.

ificantucantFeb. 25, 1411:51 PM

I have a question. I have seen front end loader with snowblower attachments in our city in different places. Why aren't these tools being used to widen residential streets by blowing the snow from the streets into the yards of the people that live on those streets. Why load the snow in trucks when people have yards. Second. In the summer our road construction crews use a machine that cuts grooves in blacktop roads to be used as rumble strips. Why not use those machines now set slightly above the street level to grind off as much ice as possible off our frozen streets. This would make an excellent place for salt and sand to be placed AS WELL AS giving traction to all vehicles.

mrdurdenumdFeb. 26, 1412:53 AM

The best thing I've seen so far is the stay-at-home mom I know complaining about her kid's bus taking longer to get home. Since you know, it's not completely icy as all get out or anything.

fuzzypilgrimFeb. 26, 14 1:03 AM

How bout... new vehicle technology? Steam engines only lasted 40 years before diesel engines. Why does cars and trucks and semis have to last 100 plus years? Wheres landspeeders and magnetic propulsion? Where's auto-drive vehicles? How about something entirely new that can traverse across ice and snow without fear of loss of control, and life.

jeffportFeb. 26, 14 4:15 AM

Drive safe folks, when in doubt, go slower...

keaton12Feb. 26, 14 5:03 AM

Communities need to sand intersections. Drivers need to be cautious at intersections and start slowing down well before they get there. If you want us to carry our own kitty litter, just tell us.

gopher68Feb. 26, 14 5:06 AM

You do realize, JRB, that only this little pocket of the world where we live is experiencing extreme cold this winter, right? And that this was still one of the warmest Januarys on record, worldwide. Here's the tough part for deniers to grasp: nobody said that globall warming meant every part of the earth would always be warmer, just the average. Or are the mathematicians also wrong in that an average can be higher even though certain components of the average are lower? I guess we'll have to see what Rush says about that.


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