Shrinking US military: Hagel proposes cutting Army to smallest in decades, closing more bases

  • Article by: ROBERT BURNS , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 24, 2014 - 10:24 PM

WASHINGTON — Looking beyond America's post-9/11 wars, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Monday proposed shrinking the Army to its smallest size in 74 years, closing bases and reshaping forces to confront a "more volatile, more unpredictable" world with a more nimble military.

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tinosaFeb. 24, 14 7:32 AM

That's OK as the world is so stable now that we can rely upon the UN Peacekeeper's to protect us. The leaders of third world countries won't even take our phone calls from the White House any more and you want to do what?

kmdoleFeb. 24, 14 7:49 AM

Perhaps the defense budget could be balanced if the military didn't pay 10 or more times what the normal charges for a part should be.

rampalincFeb. 24, 14 8:30 AM

tinosa - perhaps the instability in the world is caused by US nosing into the affairs of other countries and using threat not as a deterrant but as an instigator.

honeybooFeb. 24, 14 8:37 AM

You could eliminate half of military expenditures without touching national security. 4/5 of Defense is clerical, administrative and service vendors (aka pork).

daytonsajokeFeb. 24, 14 8:40 AM

China and Russia will be quite happy with this news as they greatly expand their military spending.

cynical1Feb. 24, 14 9:06 AM

The word is reorientation. Cut the defense department budget in half, and give half back to the poor (people under the median income). Of the remaining half, split it in half again, and give half to the military and half to a new Department of Peace in charge of promoting justice worldwide. I guarantee the USA would be safer and the world would be better. But we know this won't happen because Congress is owned by corporations and our Democracy has been stolen.

theagonybhoFeb. 24, 14 9:35 AM

That's great too bad other government agencies wont follow suit.

braxozFeb. 24, 14 9:38 AM

This is what happens when you put a sergeant in charge. (meant as a compliment)

dewarfFeb. 24, 1410:00 AM

Gotta pay for that 'free stuff' someway. It last happened (as the article documents) during FDR's administration. And we've piled on a lot more entitlement programs since the early '40s. I'm sure there's fat to cut from our military spending, but we surely don't want to make the same mistakes again and then have to scramble to catch up to an aggressive foreign power(s). Yet more technology and less manpower can probably provide additional economies in the coming decades. Congress should be able to find the right balance going forward.

mahogma66Feb. 24, 1410:10 AM

"China and Russia will be quite happy with this news as they greatly expand their military spending."-------------They could both quadruple their spending,and the US would still be far in the lead. Let them be the world's police. It never gained America anything but grief and a monstrous deficit.


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