Netflix reaches deal with Comcast to ensure smoother streaming of TV shows, movies

  • Article by: STEVE ROTHWELL , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 23, 2014 - 7:53 PM

NEW YORK — Netflix has reached a deal with Comcast to ensure that its TV shows and movies are streamed smoothly to households, the first deal the online video streaming service has reached with an Internet service provider.

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cmnormanFeb. 23, 14 1:17 PM

About time. My streaming Netflix pics either frequently don't stream at all or sometimes have to reboot once a minute. I've assumed it was Comcast's problem to fix and this new agreement does nothing to disabuse me of that assumption.

getcrazyFeb. 23, 14 1:33 PM

"Netflix reaches deal with Comcast to ensure smoother streaming of TV shows, movies"----What? There is only one acceptable outcome and that is complete and absolute net neutrality. This is just two corporations making a deal to stifle the internet and our voices. The American people are not part of this agreement and we do not accept it as a comprise or alternative because there can only be one solution and that is complete and absolute net neutrality. This is just another example of corporatized totalitarianism.

boboboboFeb. 23, 14 1:57 PM

"No preferential network treatment"? Seriously? Can you get any closer to a bald - faced lie? This deal DEFINES "preferential network treatment". Call it what it is, and get ready to pay more to stream, because that's what's coming next.

ifallsronFeb. 23, 14 2:01 PM

Cable TV is unaffordable and generally the same provider controls internet access. Now one of the alternatives has jumped in the same bed. I can only anticipate that interned prices will increase accordingly.

plummpjFeb. 23, 14 2:01 PM

The article contradicts itself when it quotes Comcast as saying "Netflix will get no preferential treatment". Do they mean no prefential treatment without paying for it? It seems to negate the need for network neutrality. It just shows that the issue of "net neutrality" is not a simple one.

tomstpaulFeb. 23, 14 2:18 PM

Nobody should have to "negotiate" with Comcast for decent network bandwidth which has already been bought and paid for by Netflix customers--this type of struggle can only happen in the first place because Comcast is a monopoly with all the arrogance and shortsightedness that comes with basically having a gorilla in your living room. It's like having an expensive ugly houseguest you did not want but that is forced on you. The proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner is an even more frightening possibility--if that happens, all bets are off for streaming anything except for Comcast-owned stuff--that would be maybe 2% of available programming. Everyone else: prepare to get screwed by Comcast; and watch those cable bills go through the roof.

essdee09Feb. 23, 14 2:38 PM

Change the situation a little bit, though: If a cement company's trucks were putting most of the wear on a city's streets, shouldn't the cement company pay for the damage their trucks cause? Is it OK for the Post Office to deliver only Amazon packages on Sunday because Amazon is footing the bill for Sunday expenses? When does it change from recovering unusual expenses to preferential treatment?

slikweasel21Feb. 23, 14 3:09 PM

essdee09, your argument does not compute. Net traffic does not "wear" on infrastructure. Some things may use more bandwidth but the consumer is already paying for said bandwidth on their monthly bill. This just amounts to price gouging as all these costs will be passed on to the consumer, while profits are added by Comcast.

mockingyouFeb. 23, 14 3:09 PM

seriously, this is the definition of net NON-neutrality. netflix is crying a river that verizon is biased against their traffic and how that's illegal, and now they set up an agreement that biases comcast against everyone else's traffic. it's not like comcast is going to change its infrastructure, so it's the same bandwidth being divided in netflix's favor.

mockingyouFeb. 23, 14 3:12 PM

essdee09 - a more appropriate analogy would be a cement company making a deal so only they can use highways, and everyone else has to use sidestreets to get from MN to FL. netflix isn't offsetting expenses, it's hogging bandwidth.


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