FTD: 'The most common disease no one has ever heard of'

  • Article by: Dan Browning , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 22, 2014 - 6:22 PM

Frontotemporal dementia, a disease that strikes the young, is gaining more attention and will be the focus of key speech in St. Paul.

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detachedFeb. 22, 14 7:23 PM

My father, his twin, older brother and father all died from dementia. My maternal grandfather died of parkenson's. Although I have the physical fitness of someone thirty years my junior, needless to say I am wary of any cognitive decline. Good luck with your research.

shippy00Feb. 22, 14 7:52 PM

Just another "kinda, sorta, maybe" disease like asperger's or ADD. The medical community just falls all over themselves to try and prove why everyone isn't exactly the same. All they continue to do is produce many more unwitting victims and then give them meds.

faustusFeb. 22, 14 9:44 PM

shippy00 – dial it back a bit. The work of the medical profession is both science and "art". The less that's known about a condition, the more "art" is utilized to find an answer and a treatment. Knowing people with Asperger's, and with ADD, I don't think you're going to find many people with these conditions who feel that "we're all just different" and that they need to be left alone to be the "way they are." It's not just health – mental or physical – it's also quality of life. Five-hundred years ago people who had twitchy tics and went into spasms of spewing foul words were thought to be possessed by the devil. In time they were probably just looked upon as weird and inappropriate – or insane. A couple of French doctors started doing research in the 19th century and finally defined what we known today as Tourette syndrome. I think everyone today accepts that Tourette syndrome is a "real" condition. If there was ever any "kinda, sorta, maybe" about it, there certainly isn't now. Just chill, and allow science and medicine to do its research and advancement "thing" as diseases and syndromes are discovered, researched, treated – and perhaps eradicated. This kind of work has a multi-year arc of isolating, defining, researching, and testing of procedures and/or medicines, and finally protocol for treatment or eradication. It is of no value to humanity claiming it’s some fake, "new" disease/syndrome invented by doctors to sell more drugs.

webfootFeb. 22, 1411:19 PM

How about start looking at the chemicals in our food, the air we breath and what's in those drugs that everyone's prescribing for people these days? Maybe they'll find some answers for all the cancer and other diseases that we never saw 30 years ago.

nkuhlmanFeb. 23, 14 5:41 AM

My uncle is not “kinda, sorta, maybe” dead at 64 after first losing his intellect, then his ability to care for himself, then his ability to walk, then to breathe. Plus, it took him seven years waiting to die with zero quality of life, but it was a bonanza for the long-term care folks.

fatredneckFeb. 23, 1410:17 AM

webfoot - You said it all! The preservatives and such contained within the 'food' we eat should be the primary variable for this research.

winter53Feb. 23, 1410:28 AM

This sounds like Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease which my sister-in-law has been diagnosed with. Is it affecting a different area of the brain? It is a horrible disease.

johnhloydFeb. 26, 14 8:52 AM

Lost a good friend to this disease.. Was a pillar in our society. Leader in our church. Well respected, fun person to be around... Took 5 long, slow years to die... Terrible lost to his family, and everyone who knew him. At the time, no one had a clue as to what this disease was or what to do for it.. It seems like some progress is being made..(they have a name for it)

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