Law enforcement data collection concerns most Minnesotans

  • Article by: ABBY SIMONS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 22, 2014 - 1:59 PM

The latest Minnesota Poll finds 63 percent in state are at least “somewhat” worried.

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bako10Feb. 21, 1410:09 PM

Why does the DPS need to collect our SSN's when we renew our drivers license? I do not trust the people who work there and when I asked to see a copy of their privacy policy she looked at me as if I were from Mars and said if I don't want to give the info that I just should not renew my license. Where I am employed if a guest were treated that way the guilty party would be fired.

warpspeed35Feb. 21, 1410:30 PM

1984 was just 30 years early. Don't worry, Big Brother will keep you safe and secure.

jeffportFeb. 22, 14 4:41 AM

The headlines are misleading. Why, because when they only poll 500 people that is not 51% of Minnesotans. I as a Minnesotan, don't really care what they gather because I am a Law Abiding citizen and have nothing to fear but DO NOT tell me a thing like "Most" when you didn't poll most. While being a Social Liberal/Fiscal Conservative I DO NOT subscribe in the need to have a "Big Brother" gov't it was the Far Left Liberal establishment that put into office a President that wants the Gov't to do everything for the citizens from Birth to Death tracking & doing everything while the Republicans want "Limited" Gov't.

jbpaperFeb. 22, 14 6:48 AM

Whats even more concerning to myself, and I'm sure others, is that there has been very little repercussions for those violating the law by looking at private information. While the taxpayers continue to pay out millions in settlements, the offenders rarely get more than a slap on the wrist, if they even get that. Apparently, ignorance of the law is not a viable defense, unless you work for the government.

tkr380Feb. 22, 14 7:01 AM

I ran my DMV report and it appears someone at the Department of Natural Resources decided for some reason to inquire on where I lived, what I looked like, and all information on any vehicle I drove. My offense at the DNR? I had recently written a letter critical of their water permitting process. My complaint to the Director of the DNR was a response saying "it is against the law for public employees to wrongly access your private DMV information and we are investigating the matter. However, MN law forbids us from telling you the results of the investigation or why your records were accessed".... Go figure.. with laws like you really think there WAS an investigation???

xrkqwkFeb. 22, 14 7:47 AM

Law enforcement accessing your data for some 'secret' reason constitutes an illegal search. It violates your 4th Amendment rights. Same for City government officials doing the same. It begs a lawsuit.

rshacklefordFeb. 22, 14 7:54 AM

(article quote): "Law enforcement officials are already sounding the alarm about the consequences of restricting their ability to gather information. Some have already testified at the Capitol that data are used to catch criminals, not spy on everyday citizens, and that tying their hands could render their surveillance tools useless." ---- Law enforcement's complaint here is missing the whole point. Explanation: Criminal is wearing Google Glass -> snapshot/voicepattern taken -> ties into Internet -> uses facial/vocal recognition -> identifies unknown person as a cop -> automatic tweets (alerts) go to his/her known accomplices. Or, Google Glass records an entire "police encounter" and the footage is used in court against the cop (which may or may not be helpful to the defendant). Law enforcement does not have a CLUE as to what it is asking for. I see many officers confronting members of the public videotaping a "police encounter" and the police don't seem very happy about that. With something like Google Glass, God forbid, an officer's whole family tree could be known in less than 60 seconds.

mnavariceFeb. 22, 14 8:00 AM

Used to be a hard core supporter of cops....not any longer..... Too many questionable characters within their ranks. Don't want them accessing my information.

jimjimjimjimFeb. 22, 14 8:02 AM

Liberals have no complaint with the federal government collecting their phone and financial records. They better ot have any complaints about the State collecting information on them either. They actually believe it makes them safer having their government do this to them. And yet, they reject the notion of leaving their doors open for a warrant-less search of their home. Seems they should be happy to have it searched so they can feel safe and sleep at night. Who cares about privacy rights anyway?

subhumanFeb. 22, 14 8:28 AM

The so called freedom we enjoyed as Americans has been corrupted. 911 only accelerated things and Barry took it into warp speed. Perhaps it makes us safer. It is still a violation of the constitution but when the head honcho does not follow it why would any other agency or dept at the government level?


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