Tourists on Lake Minnetonka? Surely you jest

  • Article by: Jim Fuller
  • Updated: February 21, 2014 - 6:50 PM

An idea to invite folks over will never fly on this private playground for the lucky few.

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texas_technomanFeb. 21, 14 6:58 PM

Jim, Amen...grew up on that lake, never going back. Back in the day Dad, Grampa, and I fished out there every night...even on weekends. Now it the home to Mr. Bayliner.

jhb8426Feb. 21, 14 7:44 PM

So have you learned your lesson, Mr Fuller???

j218963Feb. 21, 14 7:47 PM

Agree with this article 1000% perfect. Couldn't be more on target. Really pathetic how the local people on the lake treat "outsiders." Bring us your dollars and spend them but get out at dusk...or, when your pockets are empty. I know this from 10 years of personal experience of docking my boat on the lake. Never again.

west336Feb. 21, 14 8:20 PM

Isn't this part of why they want to create a scenic byway around the lake -- so people can emjoy the splendors of the lake?

imichelleFeb. 21, 14 8:28 PM

Not true for me and my family. We recently moved out here from the inner rings and wish we had done so years ago! The service everywhere we go is wonderful, and no one asks to see if we have a local address, ever. As far as enjoying the lake without lake shore property, I have no clue where the location is that the writer talks about, perhaps it was actually private property? There are parks on the lake in Excelsior, Tonka Bay, and Mound to just name a few, with no one checking if you have a lake accent. True the shorelines are not for scenic cruises by land, but that is a reflection of how the lake area was built more than a hundred years ago to move cars along dirt roads and thus the shortest route between two points. Too bad the writer didn't actually look at a map, before taking off that day.

oncorhynchusFeb. 21, 14 8:48 PM

Poor guy couldn't find a place to park, or a picnic spot by the lake? I'll assume he didn't look in Excelsior. He could of had his lunch on a bench by the lake in Excelsior Commons, parked his car at a meter, or in the free public lots in downtown, and walked 2 or 3 short blocks.

supervon2Feb. 21, 14 9:24 PM

Simple way to get along. Just tow your boat behind your Mercedes G class or Land Rover. Problem solved.

FrankLFeb. 21, 1410:00 PM

While I don't live on Lake Minnetonka, if their experience is like our neighborhood on a lake, I can understand why they get so ornery. The neighbors find fishhooks with the barbs sticking out, placed the docks and mooring lines to catch feet and hands. Boats burglarized, burns in the boat covers, fish entrails left on the docks, broken bottles all over the beach. In the winter, anything made of wood must be hidden up by the house or it will be burned by ice fishermen. Every spring we collect enough trash on the beach to fill a dozen 50 gallon trash bags. So excuse me if we don't put out the welcome mat, seems like a lot of visitors are pigs.

oat777Feb. 21, 1410:25 PM

Thank you for calling us out (I'm a former resident of Spring Park). Your observations are right on.

crychangFeb. 22, 14 5:47 AM

Some of the best things in life are NOT free.


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