Robust bonding bill will keep Minnesota moving

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  • Updated: February 21, 2014 - 6:56 PM

2014 Legislature can responsibly make up for previous skimpiness.

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RossbergFeb. 22, 14 8:38 PM

In case you may have forgotten the state has already spent over a billion dollars on a bonding project -the so-called People' Stadium to which taxpayer funds are being diverted. Therefore, the entire bonding target has already been reached. While it's a shame that other needs we're never considered when this was being debated, these additional bonding requests should be put on hold until the next biennium unless they can be separately funded by other means, say epull tabs for example.

mdachsFeb. 22, 1410:18 PM

We rank 37th in state debt per capita, but in the top 10 in taxation (i.e., highest tax burden). So, the Strib and some DFL'ers, in their infinite wisdom, want to spend cash on capital projects, since we have a surplus. But when we have a deficit, they fight reductions in spending tooth and nail - and instead, want to increase taxes to make up the gap. How about if we reduce taxes so we rank 25th in taxes - then I would have no problem increasing capital spending so we also rank 25th in debt. It's the same old story with the Strib and the DFL - spend as much as you can whenever you can. When there isn't enough revenue, increase the tax burden.

yardboyFeb. 22, 1410:42 PM

“What’s so magical about $1 billion? The state’s first $1 billion bonding bill was proposed by Gov. Arne Carlson 16 years ago. Today, according to the Minneapolis Fed’s inflation calculator, it would take $1.45 billion to pay for the projects that package contained.”+++ This could be a worthwhile point if the board would have also included data on how much our overall state taxes and fees have increased in the last 16 years. My guess is that the overall tax collections have far exceeded any inflationary rate. Another data point that should have been included and that is people’s overall wages, have they kept up with inflation? Again my guess is that they have not.

EvieFeb. 22, 1410:56 PM

Minnesota has a high quality of life, and if reasonable bonding projects enhance our state as a great place in which to live, as a taxpayer I say go for it. Our children and grandchildren will be the beneficiaries.

ti1310Feb. 22, 1411:50 PM

But for reasons that appear to have more to do with political jitters than the state’s infrastructure needs, Republican and several key DFL legislators say they won’t go beyond $850 million this year, in order to keep the biennial total at or below $1 billion.--- Its not jitters its common sense, study after study has shown that convention centers are not cost effective (the strib glossed over that) and we don't need to bond 7 million dollar sculpture gardens and bond a do over for the Nicollet mall... Bond what is needed instead of what is wanted and you come up to the 850 million figure...

tuffinupFeb. 23, 14 5:39 AM

Minnesota has a high quality of life,----- QOL is a meaningless, feel good term used to justify exorbitant spending. Many of us believe QOL is keeping more of our EARNED wages and directing then towards our mortgages, retirements, and children's higher educations.

elmore1Feb. 23, 14 6:36 AM

Yes, some bonding is required but it should be on real needs. Taj Mahal palaces for part time state reps, more funding for the already bloated U? No, that is the kind of thing that moderates can see right through. Propose reasonable improvements not special interest group driven pork.

WaterBunkerFeb. 23, 14 7:59 AM

My quality of life goes up when I have more disposable income. If there is a higher quality of life in MN, why do so many leave as soon as they retire? It takes a long time to bring down a successful economy, but the DFL is doing its best to accelerate the process. Successful wealthy tax payers are being replaced by benefit reliant people from other states and nations. I wish the DFL could see the forest.

RankenFyleFeb. 23, 14 8:20 AM

Yeah, let us keep our money for our children's higher education. We're going to need it when they start looking at colleges and compare our under furnished and outmoded state facilities with those of our neighboring states. And reciprocity is not going to make up the difference!

bluedevil101Feb. 23, 14 8:30 AM

There will likely be little to no action this year because it's an election year. In addition, with our mean spirited governor and his DFL colleagues, they will exclude the minority in the session again. When that happened last year, the bonding bill was first defeated because they could not turn to the people they ignored the entire session. This will happen again, mark my words.


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