Troopers tell drivers: Stay home

  • Article by: BILL MCAULIFFE, PAUL WALSH and TIM HARLOW , Star Tribune Staff writers
  • Updated: February 22, 2014 - 8:36 AM

It will take a few days for driving conditions to improve, according to the State Patrol.

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raineyrooFeb. 21, 14 9:33 AM

Sounds like a great place to move away from. Glad I did a number of years ago and am now in sunny Irvine, CA. Took today off from work to go play nine. Temp's supposed to be near 80 again. Hopefully your 30 inches of snow on the ground will melt by mid-April, as I'm supposed to be back in the metro for a birthday party. Enjoy your next polar vortex. Travel safe though.

chovindFeb. 21, 1410:28 AM

Everyone who is out driving in this, please give yourself plenty of room and be careful. I love the snow and have seen lots of snowmobiles heading north this morning. Enjoy it while you can as we are on the downhill side of winter.

crystalbayFeb. 21, 1410:49 AM

And to think - Atlanta came to a screeching halt with 1.5" of snow? At least we're hardy here in MN! I just measured the snow in my front yard (Crystal Bay) and it was four FEET deep. Granted, the wind helped create such depths, but I honestly didn't know if I could make it back to the house after sticking a broom handle in it to see how deep it was.

twinkie1Feb. 21, 1411:20 AM

There outa be a law! That says Big Semi-Trucks stay off the roads when Schools are closed. These truck drivers are not smart enough to stay off roads that they obviously can't drive on. I almost got hit by two of them this morning that were sliding/rolling backwards!

elle2008Feb. 21, 1411:35 AM

I don't know if you guys remember that ice storm we had in the early 80's. I was in a car with two very large woman at 6:30 AM when they announced that the buses were not running. We made it to work and I literally had to grab small trees and crawl to make it across the street. Of course, work was closed. Only us fools were there.

caresalotFeb. 21, 1411:46 AM

Why was there no sand being dropped while the snow was being plowed? I drove in to downtown Mpls from Eden Prairie on Excelsior Blvd and there was no sand going through any of those cities! Did they decide to conserve on sand during our biggest dump of the year?

jenibek73Feb. 21, 1411:57 AM

caresalot: The plows were pulled off the roads last night due to the horrible conditions. A plow can only hold so much salt/sand. I think the priority this morning was plowing first. Per the article, the priority now is to try to remove the ice.

p123q123Feb. 21, 1412:08 PM

Yesterday afternoon, right after the heavy stuff started to fall, I witnessed a young woman texting while driving north on 35W near Burnsville. She promptly spun out into the guard rail, tore off her whole front bumper, backed up and headed right back into traffic by pulling right in front of another driver and nearly causing another accident. She was still texting as she entered back into traffic. You can't fix stupid.

colonel715Feb. 21, 1412:15 PM

I think a lot of our ability to "cope" with poor road conditions has to do with knowing when to stay home. The roads in the metro this morning were icy but still drivable because traffic was relatively light.

georgina17Feb. 21, 1412:19 PM

Caresalot: MNDot announced yesterday that they were not sanding/salting until after they were done plowing because it made no sense to put sand down only to be plowed away by the next plow coming through. At that time I think they had targeted this morning for puting the chemicals down.


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