Minnesota Poll: Nearly half favor PolyMet copper mine

  • Article by: Josephine Marcotty , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 21, 2014 - 6:06 AM

Among Minnesotans who have an opinion on the issue, the largest group supports approval for a controversial copper mine proposed for the northeast corner of the state, according to a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll.

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jr67Feb. 20, 14 9:49 PM

Approve it.

quinnerooFeb. 20, 1410:03 PM

"A mine is a hole in the ground with a liar standing next to it" .............Mark Twain

webfootFeb. 20, 1410:49 PM

There's NO way Polymet can guarantee 300 to 360 jobs for over 20 years. NO WAY! Don't buy it people, it's a BAD idea!

eddie55431Feb. 20, 1410:52 PM

The real story is that Minnesotans who know about the issue and have an opinion are in favor of the mine by more than 2-1, not that a third of those polled don't know enough about the issue to have an opinion! Very poorly and deceptively worded headline and article by someone biased on the issue. Yellow journalism.

Mark27Feb. 20, 1411:00 PM

Dayton is playing a dicey game of "you have to re-elect me to find out my position" on this issue. Personally I'm leaning towards this project not being worth the risk to the environment, but if I was an Iron Range DFLer who supported it, I'd be very nervous of Dayton sticking a knife in their backs the way he did working-class smokers last year despite his campaign promises to the contrary.

sportpopFeb. 20, 1411:01 PM

Don't let a Canadian company risk polluting our water!

sunstarmoonFeb. 20, 1411:14 PM

When the people lead, the leaders will follow. Finally, despite the continued slanted journalism of this particular reporter, the overwhelming evidence comes in that Minnesotans do want this project to move forward. No matter how one tries to spin it differently, these numbers validate that Minnesotans truly are as smart as we thought we were. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is what really makes this 21st Century project an economically solid and environmentally safe project. Hats off to all Minnesotans for making the investments in people that will now pay dividends to all of us for many decades to come.

dogboy714Feb. 20, 1411:26 PM

Read up on it - this is NOT worth the risk to our state. Period. Are we really willing to risk so much for a few jobs?

rlwr51Feb. 20, 1411:48 PM

300 jobs (for Minnesotans) at $50,000 per year for 20 years - a best case scenario - equals $300 million ( an amount that doesn't even cover Minnesota's portion of the "Stillwater" bridge) - This isn't a fraction of the estimates I have heard for clean up costs - And there is no guarantee that the clean up will even be effective and not ruin Northern Minnesota's tourism and fishing industries.

asmithe2Feb. 20, 1411:51 PM

The taxpayers need to be concerned about the time water treatment will take. That's the exposure that could end up costing each and every one of us. And if all Polymet is only telling us is that it will be decades to centuries, then we should tell them that approval of their mines will be granted in a similar timeframe.


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