Just a mouse in a MNsure maze

  • Article by: Anthony Schmitz
  • Updated: February 20, 2014 - 6:54 PM

Call me crazy, but one of these days, I will be covered by health insurance.

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isogstreetFeb. 20, 14 6:54 PM

Call me crazy, but I didn't have a problem. I'm older, with chronic health problems and I take 4 different medications. I was able to navigate the website and get signed up in less than 20 minutes or so.

pumiceFeb. 20, 14 7:08 PM

From the commentary: "[S]omeday, after we have explored all other conceivable options, we will decide that every citizen has a right to basic health care." Medicare for All!

pitythefoolsFeb. 20, 14 7:53 PM

"But it will happen. Because all the other jury-rigged non-solutions, as we are currently busy demonstrating, are too ridiculous to last."

Every other industrialized nation on earth has figured this out, with much lower costs and better outcomes even when adjusting for outliers like obesity. Did we do what has been proven the world over? Nooooooo. We're "exceptional." Yes. We are.

jim2011beamFeb. 20, 14 7:57 PM

Medicare for all? Are you serious? After going to several information sessions on Medicare in November (The best ones are from the Minnesota Board on Aging.) and learning of all the medical expenses Medicare DOES NOT cover I heard our President give a speech on substandard health insurance policies. I told my spouse that I know what our President was talking about - he's talking about Medicare! And in 20 years it will be worse because Medicare will be broke!

vegasgalFeb. 20, 14 8:23 PM

I also tried to sign up on the website the first week in October and a few times after that. I finally gave up and "withdrew" the applications. I called up Blue Cross directly and,since I don't qualify for subsidies, purchased both a dental plan and a health plan directly from them. I got a bill and paid for the health plan. Then January first I got a bill for the MNSure plan and a new card. I faxed BCBS a letter, at their request, cancelling the MNSure plan and later in the month, paid the February premium on my direct plan. Then I got a bill from BCBS for another month plus the one in arrears. Another call to BCBS to hear that they did have my cancellation letter but had to have word of the cancellation from MNSure. So I figured out if I didn't pay the bill for the MNSure policy, they would cancel it. I also hadn't been billed for the dental plan but was assured that they would take the money via ACH (like my previous dental plan that it was replacing). Then around the first of Feb, I got a card for a new, MNSure dental plan. At that point, I called MNSure to cancel both plans. I found out that I actually had 3 identical health plans and the dental plan at MNSure; a result of the website glitches. They were more than happy to cancel them as long as I had coverage. I haven't gotten any more bills but I won't be suprised if I do. I have kept all the paperwork just in case. Oh, and I still haven't had the payment for the dental plan withdrawn my checking account. Every day is an adventure but I am REALLY please with both policies that I was able to buy.

Rob7304Feb. 20, 14 8:24 PM

Pity the fools you are wrong again. Only 7 countries have the single payer that is the dream of the left and healthcare is a disaster in all seven. The left loves to peddle the free lunch but it is never free. Isongstreet, did you save $2,500 as promised too? You say no problems. Get back to us after you use your MNsure/Obamacare.

elmore1Feb. 20, 14 8:24 PM

Hey, Joe Biden considers all of your problems minor hiccups. Seriously, good luck.

viqueenfailFeb. 20, 14 8:38 PM

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I got signed up in no more time than it took to drink a cup of coffee. Took the UCare option because I had some problems with Blue Cross in the past. But I don't have too much wrong with me, so maybe that's why it didn't take too long.

pitythefoolsFeb. 20, 14 9:15 PM

Rob7304: "Pity the fools you are wrong again. Only 7 countries have the single payer that is the dream of the left and healthcare is a disaster in all seven."

The following Countries use single payer: Norway, Japan, the UK, Kuwait, Sweden, Bahrain, Brunei, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain and Iceland. That's 16, not 7. And who said anything about single payer. You're forgetting two-tier and insurance mandate universal systems. And the right keeps wanting to ignore the truth about outcomes, from multiple studies, but we won't let you bury the truth. So it looks like you're wrong again!

texas_technomanFeb. 20, 14 9:39 PM

Come on, it's not that bad. I had a few problems, filled out the forms and snail mailed them in...heard back in 3 weeks and was able to log in with no problems. This was all in October. And, I found the same level of insurance, with the same provider, with the same deductible, for $300 less a month than I was paying through my former employer (I'm retired). This is old news, nothing to see here....just move on.


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