Minnesota's new way of seeing patients has improved health care results, researchers say

  • Article by: Jeremy Olson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 20, 2014 - 9:23 PM

“Health care homes” also cost less than using traditional clinics.

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jbpaperFeb. 20, 14 3:13 PM

"efficiencies on that scale could produce hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for patients, taxpayers and businesses."------- About the same amount of money wasted on setting up and running MNsure.

rlwr51Feb. 20, 1411:56 PM

I think this is the way things ran before corporations changed things. Now they want credit for this "new" brilliant idea?

optionFeb. 21, 14 5:33 AM

The long-term benefits for patients and healthcare providers appear to be very significant. All of us suffer from the lack of coordinated care which can potentially have a negative impact on our health and increase the cost of maintaining good health. The healthcare homes model demonstrates positive outcomes from healthcare reform. The fact that something good has come out of reform is a bitter pill to swallow for those that have been standing on the sidelines waiting to pounce on anything negative associated with reform. These results benefit all of us. I'm proud to be a Minnesotan and lives in a state that had the foresight to begin reforming our healthcare system ahead of the rest of the nation.

markc1Feb. 21, 14 7:27 AM

Things are getting better and costs are going down, this will really wreck the republicans day!

briechersFeb. 21, 14 8:37 AM

Another well-written article by Jeremy…I hope you become the editor. However, I do disagree with your contention that this should be a boost to the one-size-fits-all ACA simply because the ACA mimics this approach. Instead, I think it is a boost for state-led innovation in the delivery of health care. Anyway, this new approach seems very much in line with the recommendations from a book titled "Practical Wisdom" by Barry Schwartz & Kenneth Sharpe. The book identifies the central planners’ war on wisdom evidenced by their love of rules rooting out judgment from just about every walk of life including our legal, health and educational systems. Without the latitude to make judgments, we no longer develop our ability for practical wisdom needed to make good decisions. One part of the fix is more collaboration with and more knowledge of the patient’s specific circumstances. It seems to me that this is headed down a good path.

lakeelmo99Feb. 21, 1410:33 AM

Many Minnesota health plans are offering a similar approach / option for both individuals and employer groups called ACCOUNTABLE CARE plans. Members of these plans are called directly upon enrollment to talk about their current health state and then aligned with a specific provider clinic who will proactively manager their care using preventive techniques, guidance with existing chronic conditions and of course more active care should their condition become critical. This proactive approach spends more up front on lesser costing care to prevent the high costs associated with critical conditions. Better care, lower costs, better health is the basic idea.

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