Walker faces scrutiny with release of criminal probe emails; Democrats compare him to Christie

  • Article by: SCOTT BAUER , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 20, 2014 - 2:55 PM

MADISON, Wis. — For more than three years Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker avoided political fallout from a criminal investigation that ensnared six of his former aides and associates, winning a recall election even as his opponent ran ads attacking him on the scandal.

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rexmanFeb. 20, 1412:57 PM

"Walker was not charged with any wrongdoing in the investigation..."

The Democratic National Committee uses its MSM wing to fire an opening salvo against one of Mrs. Clinton's potential presidential opponents.

Those of us who remember the sinkhole of corruption and scandal that the Clintons dragged the country into can perhaps nurture the hope (however faint) that Mrs. Clinton's past might also be fair game -- particularly since the MSM celebrated her "co-presidency" with Bill.

stpmattFeb. 20, 14 2:12 PM

His aides were convicted or given immunity, and now there is proof that Walker lied when he said he knew nothing of the illegal secret wireless router that was 25 feet from his desk and the campaigning that took place because of it. If he wasn't lying about what he knew, then he is the most incompetent office supervisor in history and doesn't deserve to be considered presidential material.

jdlellis1Feb. 20, 14 2:38 PM

Democrats, Progressives and Liberals (DPL) were outraged at the election of Walker. Then of course embarrassed at the massively failed recall. Thus, in their myopic zeal to take down those who they disagree, yet another attack. This from those who profess not to play political games and preach the word of tolerance, diversity and openness.

avejoeconFeb. 20, 14 2:40 PM

stpmatt------------What proof. The judge dismissed the case and reprimanded the prosecutors for abuse of court.

svenny1Feb. 20, 14 3:15 PM

No suprise that Walker knew about the secret email system. He was a cheater at Marquette and was dismissed from that school. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

minn12Feb. 20, 14 3:18 PM

This whole silly witch hunt is being run by a liberal democrat local prosecutor from Milwaukee, who is using his office to get political payback against Walker. The liberals and unions just won't give up their baseless attacks ever since Walker got rid of the union influences in Wisconsin. They can't stand that he as turned Wisconsin around to a surplus, after years of liberal politicians ruining it. It's as simple as that.

Truckman182Feb. 20, 14 3:27 PM

The Democrats know his policies make sense and the average Joe in WI support the guy. They know they can't beat him at the ballot box so they will try these silly little phony scandals to turn public opinion. Nice try but won't work. He will trounce Burke in a landslide....

milkman53Feb. 20, 14 3:33 PM

It's just so darn sad our Wisconsin neighbors aren't benefiting economically from their governor's actions as we are here in Minnesota. And stories like their man's unconstitutional attack on freedom of speech and now knowing but saying he didn't know just make their mess sadder.

avejoeconFeb. 20, 14 3:51 PM

It's just so darn sad our Wisconsin neighbors aren't benefiting economically from their governor's actions as we are here in Minnesota.-------You mean like moving up 13 in rank of job creation by state from the low of 49th under dems to 36 under GOP. You mean the unemployment rate going down the same amount as in MN. You mean the fact that he has a bigger surplus with NO tax increases.

suburbiaFeb. 20, 14 4:00 PM

Despite how much Americans like to think their politicians are just "average Joes who they'd like to drink a beer with", I don't think they're ready to elect a president who doesn't even hold a college degree.


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