Black students in Minneapolis face long odds on the path to graduation

  • Article by: Steve Brandt , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 19, 2014 - 11:13 AM

Pressure rises on district to eradicate a large black-white achievement gap.

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davehougFeb. 18, 14 9:50 PM

where almost four out of five American-born black students are not proficient in reading and only one in three graduates on time. = = = so why are we even talking about the wage gap due to "structural racism"???? If the parents do not value education, who is surprised the student does not value education?

freedomallFeb. 18, 1410:19 PM

Her child will succeed because SHE is involved. Lots of parents (regardless of racial/ethnic background) are not involved in their child's educational endeavors. This is the problem! More parental involvement = Better grad rates!

rlwr51Feb. 18, 1410:24 PM

Never has so much effort ever been put toward any group to get them to and through school to graduation.

koskie4lifeFeb. 18, 1410:28 PM

Despite the environment I grew up in and attended school during, I am fortunate enough to have had parents that valued education. They made sure I went to school, did my homework, and they checked in with my teachers every few weeks to make sure I was behaving and contributing. I have nothing but disdain for those who teach their children education is not important, and nothing but sympathy for their children.

johnmplsFeb. 18, 1410:40 PM

When will we start the discussion on what the REAL problem is? The data clearly shows it. The largest correlating factor to dropping out is not race. It is not (as this article correctly states) poverty. It is not education level of the parents. It is not the school. It is not the neighborhood. The largest correlating factor to not graduating is having a single parent. It is also the largest correlator to drug/alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, incarceration, and future poverty. What can be done about it? I don't have any answers. But I DO KNOW unless we are willing to acknowledge this as the primary factor, we will continue to waste effort, money, and most importantly, the opportunity to save these students.

thefalconFeb. 18, 1411:02 PM

They will never discuss the real problem as johnmpls talks about. So it will just continue on and on.

ddellwoFeb. 18, 1411:22 PM

We cannot have a valid discussion about the topic because 50% of the population will brand you a racist if you dare raise the prospect that having children out of wedlock is the root cause of virtually all our socioeconomic woes.

christopherhaanFeb. 18, 1411:49 PM

We have to work hard to end this achievement gap.

Flicka1492Feb. 18, 1411:59 PM

Minneapolis Public Schools spend more per student that almost every other suburban district. Doubt it? Look it up.

thequyneFeb. 18, 1411:59 PM

I lived in Minneapolis almost all the years my children were in school. They attended MPS for one academic year. That was enough for me to know that it was no place for my African American children. One child was so far ahead of the other students she was put in a corner and told to teach herself. Her math assessment score was so high that the social worker called me, breathless, to say, "Black girls don't score like that. She outscored our white boys." I have never been more disappointed and scared in my life. In the short few months my children went to school in MPS, I learned just how little my children were valued and how little was expected of them BECAUSE they were black. I was at school every single day and observed an outrageous system of indifference -- that was what I experienced. After having a completely different experience in a private school setting, I knew what it meant to be part of a team that was educating my children. I was not a welcome participant. I was seen as a nuisance. So this is not all about parents not valuing education. The parents may bear a portion of the responsibility -- but if my husband and I were held in such low regard when we were interested, I cannot begin to imagine what will happen to an inarticulate parent or one who has not enjoyed any kind of academic success.


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