High hopes for development unfulfilled for Minneapolis' Hi-Lake LRT stop

  • Article by: Eric Roper , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 26, 2014 - 3:12 PM

But new city leadership brings fresh interest in development.

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redeye12Feb. 18, 14 9:09 PM

But the liberals and politicians said if the rail line was built, economic development would transform the entire stretch of the line. Liberals and politicians wrong? Who could have guessed that?

mattaudioFeb. 18, 1410:15 PM

Even a successful rail line cannot completely offset the placekill emanating from the MnDOT designed freeway style interchange at Hi Lake. Oh BTW it was the same bow-to-cars project that severed the old Milwaukee Road, bringing forth the "temporary" Kenilworth alignment which laid a mine in the path of Southwest LRT planning.

stpaulisbestFeb. 18, 1410:26 PM

Liberals and politicians? Where do people get this stuff? I'm a liberal who said this wouldn't work. So I'm guessing that what was wrong was wrong no matter who was pushing it.

idiocracy2uFeb. 18, 1410:38 PM

little has fundamentally changed at Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue. - I couldn't include the part of strong ridership, I guess with a baseline of 0, you could make the argument. This should be proof in practice that light rail does nothing to transform neighborhoods. No matter what anyone wants to believe. Just like it will reduce traffic and pay for itself. More and more lies.

rlwr51Feb. 18, 1411:21 PM

How about dealing with reality instead of areal photographs and developer's pipe dreams? You really think Target and Rainbow are going to give up their parking lots? . . . . . . Why is "development" only promoted in areas heavily reliant on car traffic and the most dangerous pedestrian intersections?

garagewineFeb. 18, 1411:39 PM

"Even a successful rail line cannot completely offset the placekill emanating from the MnDOT designed freeway style interchange at Hi Lake"---Yes, blame the interchange. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that this station is in the middle of a ghetto. By the way, so is Franklin Ave. Station and there is no development there, either. Coincidence? When central planning fails, always prescribe more central planning.

mattaudioFeb. 18, 1411:58 PM

Pretty sure the reason why any place is a ghetto is because it was sliced in two by a car sewer.

jhb8426Feb. 19, 1412:38 AM

Isn't this one of the high crime LRT stops?? So why do you think development isn't just falling into place here?

kingchrosFeb. 19, 14 1:53 AM

Yep, the Hiawatha Line was a complete failure, said exurban ideologues who have no idea what they are talking about.

Willy53Feb. 19, 14 6:09 AM

There has been a huge influx of housing development along the Hiawatha Line. Commercial development has lagged. As pedestrian traffic increases the commercial small business will follow. No matter what your viewpoint you can't deny that LRT has stimulated housing development in St. Paul and Minneapolis and it will transform University Avenue. All you have to do is open your eyes.


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