Minnesota Poll: Minimum wage hike is popular, but $9.50 target isn’t

  • Article by: Rachel E. Stassen-Berger , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 19, 2014 - 5:39 AM

Nearly 80 percent in poll say increase minimum wage.

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fatsmnFeb. 18, 14 8:49 PM

Just say the minimum wage went up to 8.50 - a little less than what Dayton wants but more than it currently is. If an employee gets 40 hours per week, which is unlikely since most minimum wage jobs are not full time, they'd only be making a little more 17,680 per year. That's not a lot to live on. I hope Minnesota does the right thing and raises it to a "living wage" and not just a minimum wage.

djm55422Feb. 18, 14 8:54 PM

Brilliant idea...a good way to catch Minnesota up with the unemployment rate of other states around us. Higher minimum wage eliminates entry level jobs for teens. And guess who pays the higher costs? You and I. Let the market set the wage.

decembersueFeb. 18, 14 8:57 PM

Anyone who's opposed to raising the wage better be massively in favor of increasing food stamps and other aid to the poor. Personally I'd rather have these folks paid up front so they don't have to beg. End corporate welfare - raise the darned wage.

LarryVFeb. 18, 14 8:59 PM

Sounds wonderful, everybody wants more money, but I hope everyone understands the consequences. 1. The CBO now estimates that 500,000 people will LOSE their jobs. 2. The price of your hamburger will go up. 3. Many small businesses will be hurt. If they raise their prices to cover the higher cost, they will lose customers. 4. Many younger people will not get that first job. We Americans are funny people. We want to buy stuff as inexpensive as possible, but then we want everybody to earn more money. Doesn't work. Something has to give.

supervon2Feb. 18, 14 9:08 PM

The DFL believes there are no inflationary problems resulting from raising the minimum wage. If that were true, McDonalds would still have $0.25 hamburgers and gas would be a few cents more.

LandsharkFeb. 18, 14 9:08 PM

If we raise the min wage say $2.00 per hour. How long will it be (exactly 10 seconds) before everyone else is crying I want at least a $2 hr raise too. And, how many union contracts are tied into the min wage with automatic pay raises at already living wages? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

dflleftFeb. 18, 14 9:09 PM

VERY NICE signs handed out by the AFL-CIO; hope they made by "union labor"

idiocracy2uFeb. 18, 14 9:13 PM

President Obama's call to raise the federal minimum wage could help lift 900,000 workers out of poverty, but at a cost of as many as 500,000 jobs, according to an analysis released today by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. - But then again, Nancy Pelosi says unemployment is good for the economy. Who do you believe? Good luck to the 500,000.

Flicka1492Feb. 18, 14 9:16 PM

Only a real dim-wit works minimum wage jobs for more than a few months.

chuckhoovFeb. 18, 14 9:16 PM

If you can't raise the minimum range to a livable wage of $15 per hour, then get rid of it. A low min. wage serves no purpose in our economy except make employers feel OK about underpaying their workers.


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