Wayzata asks voters for $109 million to ease school overcrowding

  • Article by: Kim McGuire , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 18, 2014 - 5:39 AM

The district will hold a referendum Feb. 25, asking for $109 million in funding to expand its high school as well as add an elementary school.

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west336Feb. 17, 14 9:30 PM

Boy, $109 million doesn't stretch like it used to: one elementary school and a 172K SF expansion. I'm surprised a 2nd high school wasn't financially feasible.

sek2undrstndFeb. 17, 1410:07 PM

My daughter and her husband are looking to take their kids out of the Wayzata district and enroll them in Orono. Orono has smaller class sizes and better test scores than Wayzata.

bwikFeb. 17, 1410:10 PM

Wayzata still has its luster. Young parents are flocking there. Nothing wrong with that.

Diogenes9Feb. 17, 1410:13 PM

How many in the Wayzata student population come from outside the district through open enrollment? Maybe if they curtailed that curious program, the district would have enough buildings.

fatsmnFeb. 17, 1410:43 PM

The rich get richer. Funding schools through property taxes is a broken system and needs to change.

oldmotorheadFeb. 17, 1410:49 PM

Building a second high school would definitely weaken Wayzata's athletic teams.

gophermomFeb. 17, 1411:32 PM

A very large high school does have a lot of benefits with the number of course offerings-students can learn Mandarin Chinese, or American Sign Language, while kids at most other schools must choose French or Spanish. On the flip side,there are only 10 kids on the varsity basketball team so a lot of talented kids will get cut from the competitive teams. It also seems like it would be easier for an average, or below average kid to get lost in the system.

julio57Feb. 17, 1411:54 PM

oldmotorhead is absolutely correct. Pretend, for a moment, that schools did not have athletics. If that was the case, is there any doubt that Wayzata would have built a second high school years ago? Or Eden Prairie?

stevedelappFeb. 18, 1412:32 AM

The so called "Wayzata School District" has nothing what-so-ever with the City of Wayzata. If cities were allowed to control their own schools in Minnesota, there would be Wayzata Schools and I am sure they would be very good, but there are no Wazata Schools. The Tribune needs to start differentiating between a City and a school district that mis-appropriates the name of one city encompassing a school district that was set maybe 50 years ago and in no way reflects the current needs or influence of specific cities.

wallyworldmnFeb. 18, 14 2:01 AM

stevedelapp: "The so called "Wayzata School District" has nothing what-so-ever with the City of Wayzata." --- Would it make you happier if they referred to it as Independent School District 284? That would make it so much fairer, right? The referendum and the article in the Star Trib have nothing to do with the naming rights. I went to Wayzata H.S. over 45 years ago and it wasn't in Wayzata even then. Not many school districts today are made up of just one town and it is much easier to refer to them by the historic name that has survived. I don't see a problem with the name but the parochial attitude over whether a name represents your view of geography is misplaced. Deal with the important issues instead. It's about the need to fund a $109M bond for school expansions and upgrades that will be levied to the people of the various towns that are part of the school district.


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