Will attacks on Rep. Collin Peterson backfire on GOP?

  • Article by: Corey Mitchell , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 17, 2014 - 9:26 PM

Longtime Congressman weighs another run.

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chasgoodniteFeb. 17, 14 9:16 PM

Since 1971??? Are getting to the root cause of DC dysfunction? My bumper sticker ... Re-elect Nobody!

getcrazyFeb. 17, 14 9:29 PM

This is exactly why the GOP is going down the tubes. You have a bunch of extremists running the show. As soon as someone appears moderate (meaning good for everyone) the GOP party heads look to smear them. "Not conservative enough" We hear that a lot. What it means is "Not conservative enough to waste the taxpayers money by not doing your job and instead running around the country being a blowhard big shot that spews out ignorance at every turn." Meaning the likes of Cruz, Bachmann....you know the group of people that are dragging our country down with ignorance.

raylottieFeb. 17, 14 9:39 PM

Collin Peterson is a good guy and has worked hard to serve his constituents, but he is on the wrong side if we want to make structural changes to the way our government works. There are over 120 federal anti-poverty programs. One of the biggest is Foodstamps (or SNAP), which comprises about 80% US Dept. of Agriculture funding. Most of the products people buy with this aid have a very thin connection to agriculture. SNAP should be combined with other programs and made more efficient under a single department. There is only one reason to keep SNAP under the USDA, and that is turf protection.

yardboyFeb. 17, 1410:00 PM

I doubt very much that the GOP is spending much time, energy, or money trying to unseat Mr. Peterson as the writer try's to convey. Unlike the majority within his party, he is someone the opposing party can work with, a reasonable person.

OglethorpeFeb. 17, 1410:22 PM

Peterson has been lining his pockets with Monsanto money for years. He's done a lot for big factory farms and nothing to help family farmers. Just follow his campaign contributions. Crook.

luzhishenFeb. 17, 1410:22 PM

This is the same dumb stunt they pulled last election, flooding every available mailbox with negative ads. It backfired then, it will backfire now. I am no Peterson fan, but this truly demeans Westrom and the GOP.

yardboyFeb. 17, 1410:45 PM

I am by no means saying it is right, but my guess is that practically every politician from both major parties in the farm belt are accepting some type of influence peddling from BIG AG companies. I don't like it but that is the way the game is played in DC with our dominate 2 party system.

julio57Feb. 18, 1412:06 AM

I'm a conservative. I'm a farmer and a business owner. I also like Collin Peterson. He is pragmatic, intelligent, and NOT bought and paid for. I don't live in his district but he lived in mine. However, I do believe in term limits for our representatives, and 23 years in one office is long enough. You've successfully passed a 10 year farm bill, Collin. Now hand pick your replacement, someone who is young, intelligent, and moderate. Give him or her a couple years to follow you and learn from you, then use your political heft and get h/er the endorsement from your party and win the election. Just make sure you pick the correct person.

buskahFeb. 18, 1412:51 AM

"Since 1971??? Are getting to the root cause of DC dysfunction? My bumper sticker ... Re-elect Nobody!" ------------ He's been in office since 1991, please read the article again.

arspartzFeb. 18, 14 3:41 AM

He's a fundamentalist social conservative and a big spender. He would fit the current GOP mold very well. However, this is the opposite of what the state and country need. He's the anti-libertarian.


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