Minnesota Poll: Among partisans, Franken remains a polarizing figure

  • Article by: Corey Mitchell , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 17, 2014 - 11:43 AM

The first-term senator’s approval and disapproval ratings have both increased.

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Truckman182Feb. 16, 1410:46 PM

The sad thing about MN is you could put a Perch on the ballot with a D next to its name and it would get at least 50 percent of the vote. Very sad....

ChasmannFeb. 16, 1410:48 PM

Once a comic, always a comic.

Flicka1492Feb. 16, 1410:53 PM

Ventura Franken Ellison Three guys who couldn't run a Pronto Pups stand at the Fair without it catching on fire.

potter101Feb. 16, 1411:07 PM

Truckman182Feb. 16, 1410:46 PM The sad thing about MN is you could put a Perch on the ballot with a D next to its name and it would get at least 50 percent of the vote. Very sad....-----------------Whats sad is your party of 2014, their pitiful and against the values of what makes this country great.

potter101Feb. 16, 1411:09 PM

Having someone who is decisive to the regressive party is the only hope for this country. Yours is not the party of our parents. It's broken and I believe beyond repair.

johnmplsFeb. 16, 1411:10 PM

How about an article on how he is viewed by his fellow Senators (both parties)? It's a well-known secret in Washington that Senators consider anything they say around Franken to likely wind-up in a "Liar Liar Pants On Fire" style book, and hence no one works with him. Either party.

mdachsFeb. 16, 1411:18 PM

I will say that Al works hard - no question about it. But hard work is not the only measure of a government employee (let's remember that elected officials like Al work for the taxpayers!). But I would vote for "anyone but Al," because we can count on him to vote for liberal causes, bigger government (i.e., Obamacare-how's that working for you?), higher taxes on the taxpayers who provide jobs (i.e., small business owners), and other liberal agendas. I am pretty sure that many of the voters who voted for Al (a comedian) also voted for Jesse Ventura (a wrestler). Now Jesse did do one thing that I supported - lowering our income tax rates. But, quite frankly (no pun intented), I am and have been embarrassed to live in a state where we elected a wrestler like Jesse to governor and a comedian like Al to U.S. senator. Both of these elections speak volumes about the quality of the voting wisdom of Minnesota voters.

yardboyFeb. 16, 1411:26 PM

I am not sure why anyone would want to re-elect Al Franken who is another Democrat who is doing nothing more than carrying the water for the far-left leaning Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. Someone who regularly votes against the wishes of the majority of American’s in an effort to carry out the President’s extremist views.

mrknowitallFeb. 16, 1411:31 PM

A woman quoted in the article hates him because he won an allegedly fake election. Sure, it was all fake ---- because the Repub lost. A couple of commenters obviously dislike him simply because he's a Dem. Such depth and insight, makes me proud to be a Minnesotan. Meanwhile, I am independent, I actually pay attention and think and analyze and do not react in a predictable and shallow partisan fashion -- and no one asked me. In summary -- thumbs up, Al. On the other hand I will not vote for Klobuchar next time she runs because she sponsored a bill to offshore more jobs. Hard to believe she would sell out her own constituents, her own fellow citizens, but she did.

Rock333Feb. 16, 1411:36 PM

I have never in my life felt as hopeless as in this current time. The party system is broken and not helping this country. I have no faith in any of them anymore..Franken is a joke...Obama is a politician...no different than Bush....we are going down....


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