Kerry mocks those who deny climate change, compares them to people insisting the Earth is flat

  • Article by: MATTHEW LEE , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 16, 2014 - 5:37 PM

JAKARTA, Indonesia — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday called climate change perhaps the world's "most fearsome" destructive weapon and mocked those who deny its existence or question its causes, comparing them to people who insist the Earth is flat.

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eaglesFeb. 16, 14 3:23 PM

Hey John - could you bring some of that global warming to the US? It's been a very long cold winter. We could use some global warming here.

spunk2Feb. 16, 14 3:27 PM

Right on Mr. Kerry! The real sad fact about it all is that those living now who are responsible for policies of denial will be dead and gone before the consequences of such ignorance is manifested in a way that cannot be ignored.

rolflindyFeb. 16, 14 3:42 PM

Like all promoters of imminent catastrophe from global warming, Kerry hasn't the guts to support hard choices. Instead of unpopular serious carbon taxes, he promotes pie in the sky erratic and low density so-called renewables. Wind and solar today account for about 1% of our total energy needs in the US. Is he going to put solar panels on the top of planes and cars? Or a wind turbine out the window? Talk is easy; reality is hard.

kkjerFeb. 16, 14 3:49 PM

Of course there is weather change, the earth has gone from warm to ice age off and on ever since its beginning. What I don't buy is that the current warming cycle is caused by something we can stop. It is going to warm up and then cool down, and whoever is alive when we hit the cooling stage again will drying the sky is falling, it has been cooling off for a 100 years.

lawyerguyFeb. 16, 14 4:25 PM

Here's why people are skeptics. Most scientific theories are eventually proven through observations which fit models conforming to the theory. For example, a number of subsequent findings are consistent with Einstein's theory of relativity without seeing data or events which are contradictory. However, the global warming models all predict temperature changes which, thus far, haven't been seen. Whenever "skeptics" note this inconvenient detail "true believers" just change the model to fit the facts. It reminds me of the gyrations astronomers went through in the middle ages to please the church and deny the earth orbited the sun.

bluedevil101Feb. 16, 14 4:32 PM

I think Mr. Kerry is getting ready to run for president again.

Rob7304Feb. 16, 14 4:32 PM

You are right lawyerguy. I think I speak for the masses at least in this one respect: We are getting tired of the global warming rant. There has been no warming. There has been no climate change. Everything we experience has happened before. Governments have tried to fix our social problems and they all seem to be getting worse. Maybe we would have more faith in government if they could show some results in what they should be doing, before they try something more difficult like lowering the sea level!!!

Truckman182Feb. 16, 14 4:56 PM

When global warming failed they had to change it to climate change so any bad weather could be blamed on it. When liberals failed they changed their name to progressives. For the left the ends justifies the means. They will do anything or say anything in order to further cause.

hammarhead1Feb. 16, 14 5:02 PM

I prefer to err on the side of burning less fossil fuel than risking my grandchildren's future. If I am wrong, we waste less resources. If the deniers are wrong, our offspring face a tough future. They deserve better.

karendavid816Feb. 16, 14 5:16 PM

I will take global warming as a serious threat as soon as Kerry and Obama start demanding we eat less meat since meat production is one of the largest global sources of carbon dioxide.


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