Bitter winter, pup survival alter Isle Royale wolf debate

  • Article by: Josephine Marcotty , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 15, 2014 - 9:45 PM

Healthy pups and frigid weather change the scientific debate on Isle Royale.

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daytonsajokeFeb. 16, 1412:05 AM

so in Minnesota where we have an over abundance of wolves, our moose population which was stable for decades before smart people reintroduced wolves, is at a critical point and may never recover. Even smarter people want to blame global warming. But 23 miles away with few wolves, the moose population has doubled. I assume there isn't a magic line between Isle Royale and the state of Mn that prevents global warming from impacting the island but allows it to wreak havoc here. It will be interesting to hear how those real smart folks twist this to fit global warming narrative instead of facing reality and realizing wolves are destroying our moose.

JRBFeb. 16, 1412:51 AM

I stopped reading the article when I got to: "Meanwhile, climate change — also caused by humans — is greatly reducing the chances for the ice bridges that brought wolves to the island in the first place, it said." If the wolves don't make the trek this year, when “the bitter cold…has halted shipping across Lake Superior” then I guess it wasn’t meant to be, and we should stop fretting about it and let nature run its course.

Audi5000fwdFeb. 16, 14 5:46 AM

Ice bridge rare or not. Ice bridge certain or not. Why would a wolf take off over snow covered ice for a land mass that is a strip of color on the horizon, on the best of days? Obviously, it has happened before (1948, right?). Is it reasonable to expect it to happen again, just in time to save the (thin) gene pool on Isle Royale?

verdepatoFeb. 16, 14 6:09 AM

How much more money are we going to waste over this debate Quit wasting my tax money

AlaskaJimFeb. 16, 14 6:14 AM

I am surprised it took 13 paragraphs for the author to bring up the issue of 'climate change'. Usually doesn't take that long. I think it is comical how these scientists dance around data, such as the fact that the Isle Royal moose population is growing while 20 miles away, 'climate change' is causing the moose population to plummet.

johnmooseFeb. 16, 14 6:17 AM

perhaps the most important factor that goes with these 'studies' is location location location. and it is the most ignored factor ignored by the ignorent. it allows the wolf hater to know the wolf and moose location so they can come in a kill them. because of the nature of that the numbers in any direction are simply not factual.

kenmarkFeb. 16, 14 6:59 AM

The only problem caused by humans is messing with Mother Nature.

shushyn78Feb. 16, 14 7:04 AM

This ridiculous need to call wild animals human names(along with the giraffe in the zoo) skews human reasoning to jump in with good intentions and many times disastrous results. Stop it. Isabelle could just have easily been Number 43 and should have been. Step back and remove your emotions. These aren't your golden retrievers.

kusstFeb. 16, 14 8:01 AM

Dont you love how Government will have nothing to do with the Sponsoring of anything religious? But the only Government Sponsored religion we have is "Climate Change".

owatonnabillFeb. 16, 14 8:06 AM

So BigBad and family decide to pack up, trek across the ice bridge and visit some kin on the mainland near Grand Marais and the powers-that-be are gonna stop them just to "maintain the population"? Or conversely? Several other posters hit the nail on the head. Stop messing with mother nature. Let this one be the wolves' call.


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