Lake Minnetonka cities band together to rebrand, revamp lakefronts

  • Article by: Kelly Smith , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 14, 2014 - 11:50 PM

Instead of going Up North, Twin Cities residents could consider a quick getaway out west.

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right155439Feb. 14, 1410:50 PM

Start by making the lake more accessible including boat ramps, public beaches, parks and fishing access. That will never happen though. They want your recreation dollars but don't want you on the lake.

jolsenFeb. 14, 1411:42 PM

Finally some money spent on the folks in my neck of the woods! Just stay out of the lake, it is crowded enough with lake property owners boats.

BallFourFeb. 15, 1412:01 AM

People who don't view Wayzata changing as progress is OK. Progress ultimately always wins, because people only have so much time on earth, and we run out of it whether or not we dig in our heels.

fredm78Feb. 15, 1412:16 AM

Well, being born on the lake and fished the lake the majority of my life. I would say have more boat access to restaurants on the lake and do not be so open to trouble for the lake. It's been trouble enough through the last ten to twenty years. At least not invite more to the area. Then again we do live in Minnesota where everyone gets a free pass. For those that have been here and lived on the lake there whole lives. We do have pride and respect the lake and the tradition it has had.

Diogenes9Feb. 15, 14 7:45 AM

The real estate-developer crowd at work again. What they really want to do is steamroll local ordinances to put up their projects.

mnpls1234Feb. 15, 14 8:05 AM

Put a walking path all the way around the lake next to the water. I'm guessing the state has an easement to do so. lake Geneva in wi does this so everyone can enjoy the water.

duck2013Feb. 15, 14 8:54 AM

"They want your recreation dollars but don't want you on the lake." People don't invest big money in homes on the lake so outsiders can make noise with loud boat motors and create wakes, litter, etc. I do not live on the lake, or any lake, but if I did, I would want public access shut off. I guess that is one reason why I love the idea in Minneapolis that lakes belong to the people and no homes should be allowed to be built on a lake shore. I live near a lake with homes on it. There is nothing more I would like than a walking path around the lake like they have in Minneapolis. But it's too late for that.

datelessnerdFeb. 15, 14 9:02 AM

Recreational development of the Lake Minnetonka area should include the three existing trails. The Dakota Rail Regional Trail is spectacular, but gets overcrowded on weekends. Pave the Luce Line and Minnetonka LRT trails to take some of the pressure off the Dakota Rail trail. Then improve the connections between the trails, especially in Wayzata between the Dakota Rail and Luce Line. This would result in a super-scenic trail complex that would draw tourists from all over.

isbjornmydogFeb. 15, 1410:10 AM

Wayzata is soooooooo sleepy and stodgy i hope they do something great. I live near the lake on Greys Bay and avoid the town-cute but dull.

MinnesotaHeartFeb. 15, 1410:17 AM

There are two ways to get more money flowing in these towns: Attract more visitors, or enable your own residents to spend more of their dollars without leaving town. Why the intense focus on tourism? It is ironic that we are trying hard to pull people to the towns to spend $5 on a beer here or $10 on an entree there. How about creating downtowns with all the amenities residents need, so you don't have to drive to Chanhassen or Ridgedale for basic things? You still get the money flowing, but without the parking, traffic, or public safety challenges. A drug store just might be more of a community asset than another restaurant. A grocery store just might be more of a community asset than a hotel.


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