Plight of Minnesota moose not so dire as believed

  • Article by: Josephine Marcotty , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 14, 2014 - 9:31 PM

Researchers continue to study environmental threats to the northern Minnesota animals.

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frankly20036Feb. 14, 14 9:30 PM

Typical environmentalist hype. First they claim the moose are threatened, then they realize the moose population is actually where it was all along. Not content with that finding, they claim the snow cover is exceptional this year, allowing them to see the moose more easily. Really? Is it so unusual to have full snow cover in northeastern Minnesota in January and February? Has there ever been a year that didn't have full snow cover during January and February? Then they make assumptions about extreme summer heat without even bothering to check whether summers have gotten measurably hotter in rural northeastern Minnesota in the past ten or fifteen years. Even if average global temperatures had risen, that doesn't mean temperatures in northeastern Minnesota had risen, especially not in the summer. But, of course, not even average global temperatures have risen in the past ten or fifteen years. On top of everything else, the environmentalists assume moose are so stupid that, rather than head north to Canada to escape hot weather and parasites, they would foolishly hang around here and die. Please, Lord, save us from incompetent environmentalists.

ruphinaFeb. 14, 1411:57 PM

Not to mention the ASSUMPTION that there MUST be a global warming connection and by God we will prove it, evident by the temp sensitive collars they want to add. Listen people, it really is this simple. We have stopped logging because the market for paper pulp and chipboard has dried up. Less logging means less deer and less snowshoes hares. Less of those two, coupled coupled with a DNR that is insanely slow to realize the devastating effects of a bad winter on deer (prey) populations means more hungry wolves. If a full half of the moose counted were cows of calf-bearing age, it would still mean only about 2200 calves. With over 1500 wolves in the moose range, it really does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why the mortality rate is so high. We won't log for no economic reason, we won't close the deer season, and we won't reduce the wolves to a token number of only a few hundred. Net result is the continued decline of the moose, no other outcome possible. I will bet there will be less than a thousand moose by 2022. Bill G.

Rob7304Feb. 15, 1412:39 AM

Good posts guys. Good points. Ya, we were told that warm weather was killing the moose. But this winter will prove that cold weather is harder on them! Moose have been around for eons. They are not so fragile that they will disappear.

Rob7304Feb. 15, 1412:45 AM

Let me add, that yes, logging is down, as noted. Paper industry on the ropes. Mines willing to employ can't open. NE MN is in a depression. And our governments answer is what? Hire more people to study the moose, the Mole, the muskrat the moss, and anything else they can think of to keep their taxpayer funded jobs. Look, the aforementioned has all downsized and the state and federal government needs to do the same! We can't afford this largess!

badguyiiFeb. 15, 14 1:03 AM

when did we stop logging? my customers that work in the woods are waiting for breakup so they can have some fun. right now every logger I know is going all day every day. little off topic sorry

norshorejFeb. 15, 14 6:34 AM

Nearly twenty percent of the calves that where collared died as a direct result of having been collared. There has to be a better way to conduct research that doesn't leave so many calves abandoned and left to starve to death.

livefreeordFeb. 15, 14 6:48 AM

Sorry frankly, higher deer #'s hurt moose as they carry the parasites that chronically weaken moose and they're not migratory. They're not just going to go to Canada for the summer and the snow cover up north isn't always complete. Ever heard of the John Beargrease sled dog race being canceled or postponed? It actually happens a lot - due to lack of snow. And they're not necessarily making assumptions about hot summers. It seems they're bothering to check. That's one of the things they're trying to measure.

akornFeb. 15, 14 7:12 AM

I knew it all along. It is the researchers who are killing the moose with their collaring, then blaming global warming and wanting money for -- more research.

johnmplsFeb. 15, 14 7:29 AM

So the millions of dollars we are spending to count the moose aren't accurate within a factor of two. Only way to solve this is to increase taxes.

verdepatoFeb. 15, 14 8:38 AM

what a lot of wonderful comments For years now we have been told that the sky was falling in and the moose would be all gone Now we learn different But they still will blame man and his ability to survive as the reason for the demise of anything in the wild


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