N.D. oil output drops due to cold weather in December

  • Article by: David Shaffer , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 14, 2014 - 8:51 PM

North Dakota oil output dropped 5.5 percent in December as severe winter weather made it hard to work at wellheads, slowing the state’s march toward the symbolic benchmark of 1 million barrels per day.

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cynical1Feb. 14, 1412:56 PM

The important thing is to reduce our use of fossil fuels, not increase them. At least the cold weather brought a little good news in the form of slower than expected extraction of oil.

Packman_1Feb. 14, 14 1:12 PM

Even though the US sees nearly zero refined gasoline from ND and Montana, this news will cause the oil spectulators in the casino called Wall street, to drive up the price of oil futures. Net result: we pay $0.50 more per gallon due to a shortage in supply.

EleanoreFeb. 14, 14 1:35 PM

I'm waiting for the those who mandate public subsidies for private profit to explain why this cold weather was BNSF's fault.

mouthwashFeb. 14, 14 2:37 PM

At least in places like Alaska, they know how to address cold weather situations on oil rigs. Plus, places like Alaska & California never has to worry about severe weather in summer. All in all, it must be pathetic to have to work on an oil rig in dismal North Dakota.

milkey30Feb. 14, 14 3:53 PM

All in all, mouthwash, it must be pathetic for you to have to work at your minimum-wage job in your dismal part of the world.

tinosaFeb. 14, 14 5:34 PM

There are those who believe that we should give up oil and use more expensive fuels while our competition continues to use low cost oil. This drives up the cost of products made in the USA while increasing the trade deficit. We have enough oil for over 50 years at least without any new finds. In 20 to 30, we will have figured out how to use fusion which will change the game for ever on this mud ball. So explain to me why we should tie our hands behind our backs with high cost green energy? Also, don’t even begin the Green House rant as it isn’t settled science as you would like everyone to believe. Besides, how are you going to get China and the other dirty countries to go green. Once you figure out a way of making that happen, get back to us.

bobajoulFeb. 14, 1411:21 PM

ND oil is sweet crude- easy to refine and lower in CO2 in refining. Right now they waste the natural gas flares and if they capture that, we would have a better supply of gas in the midwest. To do that, we would need another EW pipeline. The reality is we need fuel of some sort to live in this climate, a 60 y.o. froze to death in western ND last week due to no propane. Natural energy has its place- I saw that solar has filled the gap from a lack of hydro power due to the drought in California and Wind has filled in for gas shortages in several Western states. We need oil for the transition,it is a fact of life. And ND has a lot of wind power, about 10% of their electric generation is wind now. So it is not some Sodom and Gomorah of petroleum, rather an important energy source and a source of stability for our energy security and thus national security.

mnavariceFeb. 15, 14 5:01 AM

For those who despise oil please stop using it. Doing so would show you are serious about your position and have the character to walk your talk. Huh? That would be inconvenient for you? But, you said..... Wait....but you said.....oh...it was just rhetoric? You weren't serious? Okay, the rest of us may (or may not) listen once you get serious.

MJDokkenFeb. 15, 14 6:31 AM

Sounds like Hell on earth out there. Check out the rise in crime rates in the Bakken.

samiamFeb. 15, 14 7:41 AM

Hold onto your wallets. I just saw gas for $3.39 this is just the latest bs reason for the oil industry to jack up gas prices

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