Price tag for below-par Minneapolis golf course upgrades: $34 million

  • Article by: Bill McAuliffe , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 14, 2014 - 8:58 AM

The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board will address strategies over the next few months to improve the courses, with public input.

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d434478Feb. 13, 1410:19 PM

Braemar needs a new club house for what reason? me understand. I golf there very regularly...and see few people having much interest in pretending it is a private club with amenities. People golf...leave. Some one has decided to build a Taj Mahal like the golf dome that was how busy this winter? it will happen, no doubt, and Fred will be closed, and all of this for a few who decided...gotta have fancy...UGH!

chuckhoovFeb. 13, 1410:20 PM

Did the consultant have anything good to say? Doesnt sound like it. Step 1. Sell Columbia and Ft. Snelling to developers. This year.

boris123Feb. 13, 1410:22 PM

A bargin when compared to the dollar cost per user of the Minneapolis bike lane boondoggle. Golf courses have higher user levels and charge user/green fees. Bike lanes are not financed by bikers and steal real estate from those who do pay - motorists and property owners.

alienzFeb. 13, 1410:59 PM

Boris, I'm pretty sure I don't lose my status as a property owner and taxpayer when I get on my bike.

RossbergFeb. 13, 1411:39 PM

The back 9 of Meadowbrook has reached the point where plowing it under and returning it nature would be an improvement. Spending millions on it and raising the green fees sounds like a lot of money thrown away for very little return.

ruphinaFeb. 14, 1412:14 AM

Just another example of how government is ill-suited to run any enterprise, especially now that government, top to bottom nowadays, is run by poly-sci majors and neighborhood do-gooders instead of by those crooked old businessman. The more people in government who are there to help their fellow humans or who majored in how to manipulate a government, the les likely they are to be able to run anything, and the more likely they are to base their consulting hiring which friends work there. Bill G.

elmore1Feb. 14, 14 5:32 AM

Mpls needs to maintain their basic services to citizens and cut back on shiny new objects (stadiums, light rail, street cars, fountains, bike paths,etc)

jplamp9Feb. 14, 14 6:05 AM

Twin Cities have over 100 golf courses. Supply and demand is out of balance. Close the courses that can't subsidize themselves and turn them into parks. Cost containment and balanced budgets are foreign concepts to Minneapolis so they'll spend the money.

garyglsFeb. 14, 14 6:14 AM

ANOTHER thing government was never meant to do. A bigger joke is the 5 million the city spent to put in trees and shrubs in the MIDDLE of Central Ave at Columbia Gold course even though they were told it would block the view of drives and be very hard and expensive to maintain. About 8 years later they spent ANOTHER 1/2 million tearing it out after a huge increase in accident and 90% was dead.

ddworakFeb. 14, 14 6:28 AM

As someone who has golfed on these courses for a long time, I agree with participation down 42% since 1997, it is time for change. Close Ft. Snelling, maybe Wirth? Sink the rest of the effort into Gross, Hiawatha and Columbia. I am always impressed how well they keep the course at Gross despite all the challenges. Time to consolidate and make what they have left even better.


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