Long-awaited thaw coming, but don't put those boots away

  • Article by: Bill McAuliffe , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 13, 2014 - 5:33 AM

A tenacious and frigid winter may be giving way to a messy urban “mud season.”

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thome2011Feb. 12, 14 8:33 PM

Don't worry, if it's anything like last year it'll be warm by mid June!

CayshedFeb. 12, 14 9:50 PM

Nobody in the lower 48 appreciates spring/summer as much as we do. This is our reward for enduring and embracing the winters that we have to face. Try to see the bright side....Floridians take perpetual summer and warmth for granted....I'm guessing that after these last 2 winters, not one person in Minnesota takes anything for granted. Very few get our perspective on the change of seasons. We are very lucky.....

rudo1212Feb. 12, 1410:41 PM

"Floridians take perpetual summer and warmth for granted." And Floridians also get to "enjoy" sweltering summer humidity like you'd find in a tropical rainforest. Want to feel like you need a shower 25 times a day? No thanks. I'll take our winters over that kind of seasonal misery any day.

donm251Feb. 12, 1411:05 PM

This is just another reason we have a "winter cabin" located 1500 miles south of Minnesota.

antisuburbsFeb. 13, 1412:58 AM

I don't care about that other stuff! warmth!

jimjimjimjimFeb. 13, 14 4:33 AM

The ground usually has a frost line to 40" deep. This year it may be as deep as 60. Fortunately we have snow cover insulating most of the state. Could be a late planting season this year.

fatredneckFeb. 13, 14 6:34 AM

I sure hope it warms up". (There, is that watered down enough to get past the censors?)

mnborn2Feb. 13, 14 6:51 AM

After an usually frigid winter, maybe the transplants will go back where they came from and driving in the snow during rush hour will just another drive to and from work.

percyroy12Feb. 13, 1410:08 AM

mnborn...you might as well move to Fargo or Iowa or someplace without a metro and not much traffic and not much going on for that matter if you don't want to be delayed when it snows. It's not going to get better. US Census predictors are predicting the Twin Cities area could have a top 10 size metro area within the next 10 years, with all the employment oppurtunities here and our population going up a rapid pace, a lot more transplants will be moving here, so you're going to have to just deal with it or move. And it's not that bad. Have you ever driven into Chicago from the suburbs during rush hour when it's snowing? If you had you wouldn't be complaining about Twin Cities traffic when it snows.

tooty123Feb. 13, 1410:44 AM

A hilarious comment made by a woman from Atlanta on CNN-"I don't care what the Yankees say, you can't drive on ice!" Wouldn't she be surprised with us Minnesotans driving on lake ice to get to our ice house!lol


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