My side of the Cedar-Riverside caucus dispute

  • Article by: Ilhan Omar
  • Updated: February 13, 2014 - 2:04 AM

Violence doesn’t belong in the political process, but Somali-Americans do.

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gemie1Feb. 12, 14 6:32 PM

Great for you standing up to violence and bullying by people that have not yet been taught what it is to be an American, to vote and our cherished political process and culture of non-violence. Keep speaking, organizing and teaching and most of America and Minnesota are with you.

WaterBunkerFeb. 12, 14 6:33 PM

Samoli's should spend less time worrying about "their community" and more time trying to become American.

naseth12Feb. 12, 14 6:36 PM

What a sad turn of events this was. You have my support Ms. Omar.

davehougFeb. 12, 14 7:34 PM

Rest assured, the rest of the state looks down on those who use violence and death threats to get their way. This is NOT the Middle East, each voice counts as much as any other.

owatonnabillFeb. 12, 14 8:06 PM

A heartfelt, well written--and confusing article. Not being familiar with the issues and situation and not all that happy about the Strib's pussyfooted (for PC reasons, no doubt) coverage, Owatonnabill and probably many others find all this perplexing to say the least. At best one can deduce that a Somali candidate running against Ms. Kahn is being opposed from WITHIN the Somali community which has been stirred to antagonism against the Somali candidate because "outside influences not in the best interests" of the Somali community have been instigating it. Ms. Omar, because of her support of the Somali candidate and because of her political involvement in general, suffered a brutal physical attack as a result. Bit if this is true, then the story becomes one not of the attack but of the "outside influences" and the very first mention of this Owatonnabill has heard or seen is in Ms. Omar's article. Who were they? what was their interest in causing this? And how could they so provoke a group of people to commit a criminal act (assault and battery) in public? Ms. Omar is correct. Somalis do belong in American politics. But some would do well to remember that Politics American Style is accomplished not with fists, threats and criminal acts but with debate, reason and votes.

naseth12Feb. 12, 14 8:21 PM

WaterBunker - Did you intentionally misspell Somali? Also, EVERY American is just as concerned with "their community" as being a citizen of this nation. You comment betrays some veiled prejudice.

jimjimjimjimFeb. 12, 14 8:27 PM

Claiming you are running so that you can educate your people to the benefits they are entitled to is very telling. We need elected officials who represent everyone and not just their people.

jimjimjimjimFeb. 12, 14 8:28 PM

While violence and intimidation are trademarks of liberalism it is somewhat strange to hear they are also homophobic. They claim to be tolerant and inclusive.

bowlinmamaFeb. 12, 14 8:42 PM

Owatonnabill, you incorrectly state that Ilhan Omar was there to support a candidate. She was there as an official of the party unit that was sponsoring that caucus. Her job was to make sure the caucus happened in a fair and unbiased manner. In order to prevent that from happening she was harassed, threatened, and ultimately brutally attacked.

theMillFeb. 12, 14 9:09 PM

Bowlinmama, while I agree that she had a role as a party official, her text belies a bias toward supporting a particular candidate. There's nothing wrong with that -- party officials are allowed to endorse and support candidates. I just don't think she was completely neutral.


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