KSTP's Jay Kolls sues, alleging law enforcement personnel snooped at his driver's license

  • Article by: PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 13, 2014 - 7:32 AM

Veteran KSTP-TV news reporter Jay Kolls has sued many municipalities and the state Department of Public Safety, alleging that law enforcement officers and others snooped at his driver’s license information without justification.

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thefalconFeb. 12, 14 3:02 PM

Welcome to the nanny state!

rayk1800Feb. 12, 14 3:37 PM

Who cares if they look at your DL info? Your a public figure, get over it.

rampalincFeb. 12, 14 3:55 PM

just because he is a public figure does not allow law enforcement to look at his DL info any more than nurses with access can look into his medical records for no good reason. I advocate that people responsible should have to personally pay and not rely on taxpayer funded law enforcement coffers to pay for attorney fees.

luv2runFeb. 12, 14 3:58 PM

What a joke. Between 2003 and 2011 these look-ups happened? And it's just being discovered now? And the harm is what exactly? I haven't heard a single one of these people suing allege any actual harm. Is it right for them to snoop on your info? No. But seriously. It is the same information on the card you hand to the clerk at the gas station when you write out a check. Unless this guy is saying he was actually stalked or harassed, I don't really need my tax dollars going to pay him a settlement. They're auditing to make sure it doesn't happen again. Can we move on now?

QbikerFeb. 12, 14 3:59 PM

What's the deal with KSTP reporters?! First it was Beth Mcdonogh, then Jessica Miles, and now Jay Kolls! KSTP "investigative" stories about government abuse always blames the government and the inept workers. Now, Kolls who does a majority of the investigative reports about government waste now sues the government. What do you expect?! I don't work for the government, but I am tax payer and I don't want to pay Koll's frivolous lawsuit. Emotional distress from someone looking at your driver's license?!

dvsdan123Feb. 12, 14 4:03 PM

J Kohls does investigative reporting at times. If Police or others can find something in his background to hold over him to stop a story, they would. Thus the search for dirt in his background.

pkochFeb. 12, 14 4:07 PM

I thought law enforcement officials were supposed to look at DL information. Hard to see any crime, or how anyone could have been wronged here. Give the taxpayers a break Jay.

cinemajayFeb. 12, 14 4:15 PM

@luv2run "And it's just being discovered now?" No, he's filing a lawsuit now, it's obviously been known for a while. "It is the same information on the card you hand to the clerk at the gas station when you write out a check." Nope, sorry, it's your complete driving record that they have access to. "Unless this guy is saying he was actually stalked or harassed..." So having dozens of strangers with badges know where you live and with your complete driving and (if any) criminal record at the click of a button isn't stalking to you? YIKES.

cmcdonald64Feb. 12, 14 4:20 PM

While I am in no way excusing the behavior of law enforcement and others for using the DMV database to look up celebrities, minor though they may be. I do wonder how Jay Kolls knew they were doing it in the first place. It is not like you receive a message each time someone accesses your records. So if he only knows because he made an inquiry, how could he reasonably have felt intimidated by the process? The case of the female officer was different as it was actually being done maliciously by her fellow officers around the state. If an officer had used the information, obtained without reasonable cause, and then used it to extort, intimidate, harass, or injure an individual in anyway then and only then could one make a legitimate claim against the state. You can Google someone and find a lot of the same information found in DMV records. The state should protect this information but the state should not do so in a way that causes legal and lawful access to the information more difficult.

fwallenFeb. 12, 14 4:34 PM

It always amazes me that public employees who should be working have time to snoop like this situation and others like the DNR guy that looked at thousands of files


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